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Weekly TV Update: July 16

Each week we bring you stories from around the Internet that you might have missed.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler leave American Idol.

More American Idol news: Will Aretha Franklin be a new judge?

Aleve may have discovered a way to gets its advertising past a DVR.

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management keeps losing viewers.

Breaking Bad started a new season last night. Ken Tucker has a review of the show.

FX Brings Us Brand X

Last night, Brand X with Russell Brand debuted on FX. Either I misread the press releases or FX did not make clear the concept of Brand X. I thought it was going to be talk show, possibly along the lines of the short lived Talkshow with Spike Feresten. It wasn’t, but that isn’t a bad thing.

The show is basically a half hour comedy special with a lot of interaction with the audience and Brand’s sidekick, Matt Stoller. If you’re a fan of Brand, you’ll love it. If you hate Brand, Brand X won’t change your mind. If you’re like me, you were somewhere in the middle to begin with and this will leave you on the fence.

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Anger Management Needs Therapy

Charlie Sheen as Charlie Goodson

Charlie Sheen got his shot to return to television and it’s already not working out. Anger Management opened with two episodes on Thursday night and there wasn’t really much chance it would be a huge success. An FX comedy is probably not enough to fix a disgraced career and the type of actor Sheen is just seems unappealing. After two episodes, it’s certain this is going to be a failure. The fact is the show could not have been any worse. There was not one moment worthy of laughter for the entire hour.

Sheen stars as Charlie Goodson, an anger management therapist who has anger issues himself. This should actually be treated as a serious conflict and the fact that it is portrayed comically just makes it seem wrong. Of course, comedy seeming wrong would be okay if it was funny and innovative. This was neither. This was just boring. The laugh track only made it worse.

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