Previewing CBS’s Fall Season- Part 1

As much as I love new television, it’s such a gamble. Frankly, I’m not sure what CBS is trying to prove. They are one of the most storied network in the history of television, and as it boasts, it is “America’s Most Watched Network.” Now, it seems to be as strong as ever. Two And A Half Men is its most sustainable show and since it could survive the Charlie Sheen controversy, I don’t think it’s going to end on any terms other than its own. The American public is incredibly hard to please when it comes to entertainment but over the past decade CBS has had several hits. In an age where both copious amounts of television and the ability to publicly complain is readily available, this is impressive. Given their history, CBS may be equipped to find another hit.


The show is not going to work at all. Partners is a sitcom from the creators of Will & Grace. It revolves around two men, one straight, one gay, who work together as architects. They’ve known each other for years and act like a married couple. Things supposedly get complicated when their “bromance” is tested after Joe, the straight guy, gets engaged to Ali.What happens when your friend tries too hard to be supportive of you? Will your relationship ever be the same? How will your “bro” affect your relationship with your fiancee? Apparently these things are supposed to be funny.

The attempt at humor seems incredibly forced and the laugh track is annoying. The punchlines are not funny, even though I clearly know what they were supposed to be. When Louis, the gay guy, told his boyfriend that he was embarrassed of him being a nurse, I would think that would lend itself to a serious argument. Instead, after having been asked if he was embarrassed, Louis’s boyfriend Wyatt, said “Of course I am!” This was followed by the obligatory laughter.

The creators want the viewers to respond as though inappropriate opinions are humorous, but it just seems like something too deliberate to make any sense. Another punchline detailed the gay guy telling his straight friend to listen to his heart instead of his sex drive. There are more sophisticated ways to approach this beyond the use of the word “schmekel” to mean penis. The trailer also included interviews with the actors and the production staff. The show is partially based on the relationship of its creators. I know they say “write what you know,” but just because someone has an enjoyable rapport with someone else does not mean it should be highlighted on television. It is difficult to strike gold again after creating a hit and these guys are not going to do it with Partners.

Made In Jersey 

Made In Jersey is a drama that revolves around a lawyer from New Jersey going to New York City to flourish her career and deal with her colleagues skepticism. Just from the premise, I was glad that a show portrayed in New Jersey didn’t revolve around people being loud, drunk and stupid for amusement. Watching the preview including the background interviews, I realized this show has real potential. The relationship between protagonist Martina Garretti and her family seems supportive and enjoyable. The collision of the craziness of New York and the  craziness of Garretti’s family will make for interesting television. Garretti seems to bring her own brand of insight to the “Big City” attitude. Her approach in the courtroom is clever and sarcastic. She is very street-smart and she has a quality that will make for good drama. It looks to me that Made In Jersey will be something that viewers will want to keep watching.

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