Previewing ABC’s Fall Season-Part 1

Lately, ABC tends heavily on its existing lineup. The network may struggle now that  Desperate Housewives is gone and Grey’s Anatomy seems past its prime. Recently, ABC’s new shows have caused many midseason replacements to be placed on the schedule early in the season. Many of the replacements were also unsuccessful. The network has added 10 shows to its lineup with 5 debuting in the fall. The other 5 shows will be midseason replacements.

The Neighbors

The Neighbors  is a “comedy” that revolves around a suburban family moving into a gated community that turns out to be inhabited by aliens. The show sounds absurd and profoundly stupid to the point that I refuse to believe it is real. No viewer will be able to identify with it and the acting seems sub-par.

The various aliens in The Neighbors named themselves after pro athletes to supposedly fit in with Earth’s culture. For both the humans and aliens in this show, the performances seem over-exaggerated.  The plots also seem incredibly uninteresting, it doesn’t seem like the stories would serve to advance the plot. It seems like a complete of a waste of time, especially since it is a comedy that isn’t funny. I sincerely hope this gets cancelled.


Nashville is a drama that revolves around a 40 year-old country singer in Nashville looking to revive her career. Rayna James, played by Connie Britton, has been at the top of the country music charts for years. Now struggling, she is not pleased to now be sharing a bill with up-and-comer Juliette Barnes, who is played by Hayden Panetierre.

By the actors alone, the show should be good. I’ve been a fan of Britton ever since Friday Night Lights and a fan of Panetierre ever since Heroes. The drama between the characters seems to be very enjoyable. They are both entering new stages of their lives. Whether its Barnes’ start of her career or James’ resumption of hers, the conflicts that this show can explore are endless. Both James and Barnes will be someone viewers will root for.

In the trailer, James’ stubborn convictions and strong personality was showcased in her reluctance to bill with Barnes. This attitude is appealing and is what really made Britton shine in Friday Night Lights.  Barnes’ arrogance is apparent, but still somehow charming. She’s also strong and stubborn as well as clearly trying to figure out her place in the world. Nashville is not only a show about music, but does a good job showing a human element and a drive for success.

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