Previewing The CW’s Fall Season

Since The WB’s merge with UPN in 2006, The CW has not fared very well. Some of its solid hits remain, such as Supernatural, but many of the shows that have premiered since the merger are gone. Now, the network has a strong presence online. Of all the networks, The CW seems the least reliable. Maybe it’ll get lucky this fall.


This Action/Adventure drama revolves around billionaire Oliver Queen. Queen returns to his hometown of Starling City after having been stranded on an island for five years and presumed dead. After struggling to mend the relationships of those he left behind, Queen creates the persona of Arrow, a vigilante committed to protecting the city. I am really not sure what to make of this show. Character development will be a must. If it is simply Arrow saving the citizens of Starling City multiple times, it could get boring. Aside from that, the premise and casting of this show seems poorly executed. Oliver Queen was already a main character on Smallville. Justin Hartley’s portrayal was brilliant. This  show’s continuity will be reworked and Queen is now being played by Stephen Arnell. I do not understand why this is not a direct Smallville spinoff. I’ve seen The Green Arrow before. Arnell isn’t as good as Hartley. I don’t think this show is going to last too long.

Beauty and the Beast

Judging from the premise, I didn’t think Beauty and the Beast would impress me at all. However, as I watched the trailer for this re-imaging, my opinion changed. Kristin Kreuk returns to The CW as New York cop Catherine Chandler. After a mysterious attacker killed her mother, Chandler was spared by an unknown being. Nine years later, she’s still wondering who or what saved her. On a case, she discovers Dr. Vincent Koslow, whose records indicate he is dead despite the contrary. After confronting him, she learns that his DNA was altered as a result of a military experiment and therefore Koslow transforms into a “beast” at times. Koslow is also the man that saved her.

The intense acting seems to suit Kreuk perfectly and she seems like she will do a great job playing a cop. The chemistry between Chandler and and Koslow works incredibly well. This show seems to be driven by Chandler’s instinct to protect Koslow and repay him for saving her. The trailer grabbed my attention, and I can only hope the show is as good.

Emily Owens, M.D.

This show revolves around Dr. Emily Owens, a first year medical intern at a Denver hospital. Owens had always been somewhat of an outcast growing up and has always struggled with fitting in, which would prove to be a challenge once again as she is dismayed to discover that her high school nemesis Cassandra Kopleson is also working at the hospital. As Dr. Owens starts working at the hospital, she discovers it has cliques just as high school did and her insecurities are as present still. It’s even more awkward that she is working alongside her medical school crush  Will Collins, who is played by Justin Hartley.

I don’t really think Emily Owens, M.D. has much promise. Maime Gummer’s portrayal of Owens seems awkward and uncomfortable. A medical intern revisiting high school conflicts seems immature and trite. I cannot seem to root for her character to find her way. Her journey of self-discovery turns me off. Hartley seems misplaced in a show like this. It is not intense enough for him. It disguises itself as medical drama, but also tries to be cute and light. It’s basically a show about a new kid in high school. I’m almost sure it will be cliched and uninteresting.

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