Clark Gable Is the New Host of Cheaters

Clark Gable, grandson of the actor Clark Gable, will replace Joey Greco as host of Cheaters. Executive producer Bobby Goldstein, who created the confrontational show where people confront their cheating significant other, told The Hollywood Reporter, “We just felt it was time to freshen up the show with a new host.”

Before landing the gig with Cheaters, Gable modeled and had a minor role in the low-budget Italian film Looking for Clara. When it comes to acting, Gable says, “It’s in my blood, and I really want to do it. Just like my grandfather. But I don’t want to be compared to him in any way because I am different. I just happen to be born into these great circumstances, so I feel it gives me a great opportunity for what I want to do.”

Gable also says that having the same name as his famous grandfather has opened doors, but he is hosting Cheaters and may star in a reality show with his family. The first Clark Gable is probably rolling in his grave.

At least if the new host of Cheaters gets stabbed like Joey Greco on the show, Gable has experience. He was stabbed in 2009 trying to protect his friend.

Production has just begun on 44 Gable hosted episodes. The new episodes will air in the summer or fall, depending on the market.

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  1. This is so unexceptable. Joey should have continued to be the host. Joey is Cheaters’ host and no one can fill his shoes. Mr. Gable, no disrespect intended, does not seem like he fits with the show. He sounds like he’s reading from cards or waiting on a cue to say something.
    It’s going to be really hard to continue to watch this show without Joey.
    So glad they didn’t change the announcers voice. That’s part if the reason I don’t watch it on G4.

  2. I read somewhere else that Joey was let go because the show’s creator wanted fresh talent. This was a big mistake. This guy, Clark Gable, is so stiff and he sweats like crazy! I hope they will bring Joey back, but i doubt it. What a loss!

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