Episodes: A Stalker, a Trip, and a Misunderstanding

After the end of last week’s Episodes, it looked as though Sean and Beverly’s relationship may be on the mend. However, the show is quick to demonstrate that none of the characters’ relationships are even remotely healthy. Sunday’s episode began with Matt and Sean in a diner as Sean starts staring at an attractive female customer behind them Sean urges Matt not to turn around. Of course, Matt proceeds to do so immediately. He then notices that the woman is Labia, his internet stalker. He can’t afford to be nonchalant as Sean asked. Instead, he is “very chalatnt.” When Matt confronts Labia aggressively, Labia mentions that Sean and her have been in touch on Facebook.  Matt had  told Sean to “unfriend” her but Sean doesn’t know how. Labia is weirdly accommodating  and explains to Sean how to “unfriend” people. She assured Sean that she would help him remove her as a friend by posting instructions on his Facebook wall.

It almost seemed like Matt was being a responsible adult until Sean and Beverly learn about his history with Labia. He had known her since she was 8-years old when she was a patient for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Friends was her favorite show when she was a kid. As a dying wish, she asked for Matt’s character, Joey to take her to Disneyland. Matt contends that Labia didn’t die, asserting that Make-A-Wish Foundation “should really do their homework.”   She ended up beating her illness and promptly stalked Matt for the next 15 years. Sean and Beverly wanted to make sure Matt didn’t encourage her, but then he admitted to sleeping with her once she became a legal adult. He felt that it was important to clarify  that it only happened once. No matter how completely inappropriate and irresponsible Matt acts, he still attempts to justify his actions. It may be annoying but Matt’s narcissism is part of his character.

The affair between Merc Lapidus and Carole Rance has been referenced many times this season and shown briefly, but it hadn’t been a focus until Sunday’s episode. It is the fifth anniversary of Merc and Carole’s first sexual encounter and apparently that is an important occasion. According to Carole, Merc is not putting enough effort into the relationship. It seems strange that Carole is expecting Merc to be emotionally invested in an extramarital affair. He seems to be very careless and self entitled. Merc seems to hate his marriage and is staying with his wife Jamie simply because divorcing her would be a hassle. It makes no difference to Jamie because she knows about Merc’s affair and is sleeping with Matt anyway. Both the Merc and Jamie are betraying each other, yet Merc has no idea that Jamie is also cheating.

In an effort to make his relationship with Carole seem legitimate, Merc books a weekend trip with her in Cabo. In order to explain his absence, Merc calls Jamie and tells her has to go to New York on business. Jamie excitedly calls Matt and tells him that they should get together when Merc is away. Matt suggests that they take a trip and Jamie asks to go to Napa, CA. Merc always hated Napa, so this was her chance to go. Matt has custody of his sons when Jamie wants to go to Napa, so he calls his ex-wife to ask her to take care of them during that weekend. Matt asks her nicely if there is any way that she could “take the boys” during the weekend. She doesn’t want to, citing that he never makes an effort to see them anyway. He says that he would not ask if it was not important. Matt’s ex is sure that he is spending the weekend with a woman. He denies that and says that he is going to spend the weekend with the Pucks! staff since Morning Randolph is sick, which was enough to end the conversation. It was convenient that Morning had not been on set all week.

Matt is now free from the responsibility of his children, so Jamie books a trip with him to Napa. Unfortunately, she confuses her travel agent since Merc had already  booked a trip to Cabo.  It was natural to assume that Merc had a trip planned with Jamie and changed the location. Merc calls the agency to make sure the trip to Cabo is arranged, only to find out that it is now booked for Napa instead.  Merc thinks Jamie will only now discover he’s been cheating. The travel agent is an innocent victim, but Merc is angry at her for ruining his plans. In order to cover his lie,  Merc calls Jamie to tell her that he planned a surprise trip with her to Napa. When she receives the call, she is already in Napa and with Matt. Merc and Jamie try to hide their despair over the phone, but it’s obvious. Both Merc and Jamie are unhappy in their marriage. Their pathetic attempts to hide the fact that they make each other miserable are very funny.

Merc thinks he has to cancel the trip to Cabo with Carole. Carole is extremely upset because she was looking forward to the trip. He says to Carole that he is going to hate every minute of his weekend with his wife to make Carole feel better. It upsets her even more, so she ends her relationship with Merc. Things would be better for everyone if Jamie admitted to her affair with Matt and told Merc she has known of his affair with Carole, but it’s funnier that Jamie and Merc keep trying to deceive each other.

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