AGT Results Recap: August 15th

Gabby Douglas hosts with Nick Canon

After one of the worst performance shows of an already disappointing season, twelve acts from YouTube were facing elimination on last night’s America’s Got Talent. Of the 12 acts, only two really deserved to move on to the semifinals. This has been the pattern all season. There was a small chance that AGT would find a star through YouTube who would enter the competition and save the season, but this was unfortunately not the case. Instead, most of the acts that performed on Tuesday night were terrible, which made the results far too easy to predict.

The show opened with host Nick Cannon introducing Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas as a guest host for the hour. She received standing ovation from the audience. It was a bit unnecessary to have Douglas appear on the show and her presence seemed a little awkward, especially when she was asked to read from the teleprompter. Nevertheless, AGT had to try something to attract its viewers since talent has been lacking, but having Douglas on the show just didn’t work.

The first result brought Cast in Bronze, Academy of Villains, and Reverse Order to the stage. It was obvious that Academy of Villains would go through because it is actually a very well-polished dance group that has potential. Cast in Bronze never deserved a chance to showcase his alleged skill playing the giant bell instrument called a carillon. Reverse Order was just another mediocre imitation of a rock band.

After the first result, pop duo Karmin performed a medley of their hit song, “Brokenhearted” and their new single “Hello.” It was a decent performance, but nothing special. Karmin will continue to please its fan base but it’s doubtful that this performance earned them new fans.

The second result included 7 in Unison, Rudy Coby, and Bria Kelly. Again, the result was obvious. Kelly is a raw singer with raw talent, who deserved to advance. She probably has a career ahead of her, will remain in on AGT for a while, and has a lot of potential. Coby had been out of magic for a while and failed to impress audience. 7 in Unison was simply a boring dance act. Perhaps the group picked the wrong routine, but it’s not worth wondering if they could have performed better.

The next result was between The Magic of Puck, Eric Buss, and Melinda Hill. The purpose of this result was for America to choose the lesser of three evils. Eric Buss doesn’t deserve the time of day. His “talent” is still unclear after the mess he made of the stage on Tuesday night. Melinda Hill is a comic that isn’t funny. The Magic of Puck remained. Puck is a magician who made the best out of his cheap illusions. He was very lucky to perform on a night when the other acts were horrible. His next performance will probably be his last.

After the third result was a performance by YouTube comedian Randall The Honey Badger Whisperer. Randall pretends to speak for Honey Badgers. The internet apparently finds this entertaining. This time, he narrated clips of the judges. There was no reason for him to be invited to the show. He would never make it past an AGT audition. However, the web can have very low standards. The hour continued with a feature about “A Day in the Life of Howard Stern.” This was also unnecessary time filler and no information that was shared about Howard’s typical day was even remotely interesting.

After the waste of time was over, it was time for the last result. After air guitarist Romeo Dance Cheetah was sent home, the judges’ choice was between Drew Irwin and Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots. Caravalho won the judges over, whereas Irwin clearly did not impress them. Irwin is a decent singer but he was not ready for national acclaim. The stunt of Caravalho’s parrot was interesting to watch, but his act will not sustain itself.  Animal acts rarely do well on AGT and this one is going to get repetitive. Caravalho will not advance past the semifinals.

Acts from YouTube were given a chance to impress America and most of them utterly failed. It’s no surprise, considering that this season as a whole has largely been a failure. A few more decent acts are now a part of the competition. Even so, this does nothing to improve a poor season.

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