Episodes: Beverly Tries Dating Again and Merc’s Job is in Jeopardy

Elliot Salad

In the first season of Episodes, the Lincolns’ marriage fell apart. Throughout this season, their communication has been awkward, yet they certainly bond over work and their mutual disappointment in Matt. As Sunday’s episode opens, Matt wakes up with Labia at his side and immediately puts his hands over his eyes in despair.. His remorse shows that he can show human qualities, but also has a personality that Sean and Beverly feel compelled to chastise repeatedly. Sean, Beverly, and Matt are able to enjoy each other’s company, even though at the main reason is to point out Matt’s shortcomings.

It’s very clear that Matt cannot take control of his own life. Sean goes into Matt’s dressing room and sees that Labia is in the room. He walks out quickly and calls for security, only to have Matt tell him that he brought her into work.  Once again, Matt cannot understand the consequences of his actions. Sean jokingly reflects fondly on the memories of Matt ruing the Lincoln’s marriage. Sean and Beverly seem to have a civil and enjoyable relationship within the work setting.  It’s been enjoyable to watch the Lincolns’ relationship evolve, but it hasn’t been smooth.

When Sean and Beverly are alone, the dynamic is incredibly awkward. Luckily, it’s also really funny. Sean and Beverly are sitting on the set of Pucks! in an uncomfortable silence. Sean, obviously in pain, brings up the topic of Beverly’s date from the night before. He first apologizes for calling her in the middle of the date, which she dismisses. Beverly then asks him if Sean wants to talk about it, but he rejects the offer. After a pause, he asks who was with her. Beverly tells him that her date was with Rob, Morning’s brother. Sean says ironically that it is smart to “keep it in the family,” referring to his relationship with Morning.

Both Sean and Beverly want to have a sense of humor about the situation, but it is impossible. Since the tension is getting worse, Beverly is ready to leave for the day and asks Sean about his plans. He says he has to catch up on work and then appears to be typing meticulously on his laptop. Beverly leaves the office and then walks back a few seconds later to ask whether Sean is actually typing anything or pretending to type something. Of course, he’s pretending.

After the Lincolns leave, Matt has to confront Labia once again. Back at his apartment, he explains to Labia that her obsession with him is not healthy. In regards to her dynamic with Matt, Labia never listens to rational thought. As annoying as Labia is, she’s still charming and has good intentions. It is one of the reasons Matt has such a hard time letting her go.

In another story line, Carole agrees to meet with Merc’s boss, Elliot Salad. It becomes public that Merc passed on a show about a talking dog that became a hit on a rival network. When Carole and Elliot were making plans, Carole naturally thinks to include Merc. Elliot refuses  to ahve Merc join them. When Elliot and Carole are having drinks, Elliot tells Carole that Merc is fired and that she is the front runner to replace him. Elliot is portrayed as extremely ruthless, but Carole is naturally a competitive person and is understandably tempted by Elliot’s offer.

The episode ends with Beverly’s second date with Rob going far better than the first date. Before the date, she calls Sean to say that if he does not want her to go out with Rob again she will cancel. Beverley says that if he believes there is a chance for them to recover their relationship, she does not need to date anyone.  Sean is understandably hurt and cannot handle the pressure, so he tells Beverly to go. Now that she does not have any faith in her relationship with Sean, she can relax. While Rob gives Beverly a tour of a house he painted, he kisses her. She is taken aback at first, but then kisses him back.

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