Amy Schumer Shines in Her First Comedy Central Special

An hour of stand up comedy can be hard to sustain, but Amy Schumer certainly did not show it. In her first solo television event, Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff, Schumer demonstrated that no matter how inappropriate she was being and no matter how uncomfortable the crowd got, she could still make them laugh. Schumer is a relatively young comic who still seemed to be establishing her identity in show business. On Saturday night, she finally got the chance to be the center of attention and did not disappoint. As the title of the special suggest, the humor is sexually explicit. It may dissatisfy some viewers, but the special clearly solidified Schumer’s audience type.

The special started off slow, but it picked up nicely. Schumer’s comedic style involves a lot of shock value and it is presented in such a way that it’s not always funny as much as it is simply offensive. It all depends on  the premise of the joke. The good news is that there’s plenty of humor to make up for the weak points.

Schumer opened the show by informing the audience that she finally slept with her high school crush. She then clarified that it was a high school kid. Of course, she was kidding, but it caused the audience to groan. Then she acknowledged that she started poorly and promptly said that the venue was beautiful. Luckily for Schumer, the crowd calmed down. The hour continued with more shocking material that also happened to be very funny. Schumer may mature in the future as a comedienne, but she is quick to acknowledge that she is not living an adult life.  At 31 years old, she is still not sure how to react when her friends tell her they are pregnant. She still has an alarmed reaction and is concerned for their safety, even though they are perfectly secure. Schumer got a huge laugh when she told the audience she would respond by saying “What are you gonna do?!” She also talked about getting Plan B and that the pharmacists did not bother to hide their disdain. It was at this point that the special got much more inappropriate. The inappropriate material was by far the funniest.

Schumer progressed slowly and talked about some of her unfortunate dating experiences, but the special really turned around once she started talking about the differences between men and women grooming themselves. She asked a man in the audience how long it took him to “get ready.” She then cut him off saying that he didn’t “get ready” at all. Schumer then  started talking about the standards that women are subjected to in regards to their private areas. Shumer recalls that when she has to see a woman to get her wax done that the women don’t hide their hatred for her. The monologue was especially enjoyable when Schumer commented that it was usually a woman from a third world country and never an entitled white American girl like her.

Schumer did not close strong, but that is probably something she is going to learn, since she shows a lot potential during the special. Her closing monologue about an old friend’s wedding had the potential to be a lot more inappropriate, but unfortunately it did not get to that point. Overall, Mostly Sex Stuff is going to turn some viewers off, but it is a huge breakthrough in Amy Schumer’s career. 

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