Doctor, Who Should Be the Next Doctor?

Despite being confirmed for the eighth series/season of Doctor Who, Matt Smith steps down as The Doctor. A lot of fans, like myself, are sad to see Smith go, but we are excited to see who is going to fill his gigantic shoes. (Not that I know Matt Smith’s shoe size, I’m saying it’s a big role) Since the announcement on June 1st, fans have been picking out their favorite actors to replace Smith. Big names such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Rupert Grint (The Doctor would finally be ginger!), and Martin Freeman have been suggested to replace Matt Smith. Past stars of Doctor Who have also been mentioned: David Morrissey (Jackson Lake from “The Next Doctor”), Russell Tovey (Allons-y Alonso, anyone?), Olivia Colman (“Mother” from The Eleventh Hour), and even Billie Piper.

While all of those actors would be absolutely amazing, I have only but one wish for the 12th Doctor: that they be up-and-coming. Matt Smith himself was a relatively unknown actor when he became The Doctor, and now he is starring in Ryan Gosling’s How to Catch a Monster. Doctor Who also skyrocketed the careers of Eleven’s first companions Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. Gillan was recently cast in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, while Darvill is currently on Broadway in the musical adaptation of Once. With Doctor Who growing in popularity all over the world, the 12th Doctor will definitely be a huge opportunity for a newer actor.

Many fans are hoping for something a little different. Since the beginning of time, which is November 23, 1963, The Doctor has always been a white male. Some fans are open to the idea of a female and/or a minority Doctor. This would be, in the words of Nine, fantastic. However, I am not entirely sure that The Doctor can change genders, although it has been shown that Time Lords can change race. River Song was African-British for a good portion of her life. I would be genuinely pleased if the role went to IT Crowd actor Richard Ayoade. I have complete trust in the casting department for Doctor Who. They have not disappointed me. While I do have a favorite Doctor, I do not have a least favorite. I know that I will love whoever replaces Matt Smith. I am already excited to see what he/she will bring to the role.

Matt Smith will appear in the show’s 50th anniversary episode. It is rumored that his last episode will be, of all days, on Christmas.

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