The Top Bits of Fry and Laurie

Before Hugh Laurie was House and Stephen Fry hosted QI, the two friends starred in a variety of sketch shows. The most famous is probably A Bit of Fry and Laurie with the others being Alfresco and Saturday Live, which is similar, but not to be confused with Saturday Night Live.

1. Size Doesn’t Count

The first sketch originally aired in 1987 and was part of Saturday Live. While including it on this list is cheating, the important lesson is that size doesn’t matter and apparently more than one part Stephen’s body is bent.

2. “There Ain’t the One Way” aka Kickin’ Ass

Hugh knows there’s only one way to solve the world’s problems.

3. American Ass Sketch

At this point, you start to wonder why Hugh and Stephen thinks Americans say “ass” all the time. We do, but mainly because “arse” doesn’t sound right with an American accent.

4. “Mystery”

Hugh loves someone for some reason, but everyone is puzzled.

5. Shoe Shop

Stephen prefers the word “brothels.”

Yes, you just watched a sketch about shoe prostitution.

6. The Polite Rap

Hugh doesn’t rap about hoes in this. He likes straight up bitches.

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