America’s Next Top Model Is All About the Chemistry

Not only was tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model very entertaining to watch, but the show was very sensual as well. Now that the show is a couple episodes in, America’s Next Top Model contestants are really getting comfortable with each other. Airing tonight with a new special time of 9/8c, audiences will got the taste of the challenges on becoming the next top model whether it be tension or newer relationships forming. Intensity and hormones are certainly heating up this season causing a nice Friday show to watch during this summer break. Having been the first season where guys are also in the competition, today’s challenge was perfect to utilize both the female and male contestants.

As supermodels, Tyra Banks and Rob Evans came to talk to the contestants. They appeared to be holding hands amidst rumors of the couple being an item. Fans wants to see a relationship with the two of them happen, but they addressed this by turning a tabloid myth into being a rumor. Tyra laughs and says “Rob is more of a brother,” slightly nudging him in a flirty way.

When it comes to modeling, Tyra mentions that it’s all about the chemistry. Chemistry and transformation were the two key ingredients to get the audience’s attention, which it certainly did. Tyra and Rob mention that there is a 3-step plan to taking a photo which deals with the chemistry between two people. First is to have fresh breath. You really don’t want to smell Reese’s Pieces or Peanut Butter on their breath. It’s a major turnoff. Make sure you have breath mints nearby. The next tip to creating the perfect chemistry is to create tension between you and your partner. Models need to remember when it comes to modeling, guys want to be with these hot, sexy women, but girls want to be the hot, sexy woman. The last bit of advice Tyra and Rob give is to inhale. Best is to hear the inhales as Tyra pointed out, but not to get too real as if you are having sex then and there.

As the contestants were paired off, Tyra gives critique to a few contestants by saying “Chemistry is not laughing.” She also told Phil to take his hat off. No one wears a hat, it blocks the view, unless you are trying to sell the hat. Not only did contestants get to pose with one of America’s Next Top Model British hunk’s and judge Rob Evans, but a few got to pose with none other than most famous Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio. Ambrosio’s biggest advice was to not be shy. After the photo shoot, it was that time everyone cares about: makeovers.

There were a few contestants who stood out. Don who recently had dark hair changed to a stronger model with blonde hair. He now looks like Chris Brown or Sisqo in my opinion. Can I seriously throw up now? They think it will help his image in hopes of being that top model, but I completely disagree. His blue eyes and tattoos are what was so captivating and intriguing about him. Chris H., a resident of North Bergen, New Jersey got a new makeover as well: icy blonde hair that turned him into a Nick Carter lookalike. He looks very chic and editorial. All the girls would be over him. The one man who gets a weave is none other than Phil and seeing his reaction was very upsetting. He was not a fan of his new look and not feeling confident.

After makeovers, the contestants met with the judges again to talk about their photos. Tyra commends Marvin by giving him a score of 9. She says it was mainly for his “booch.” For those who do not know some of the terminology on this show,” booch” is a term coined by Tyra in which males stick their butts out in a very model like stance; its very similar to the females “tooch.” Mike, an ice-cream truck driver who was actually discovered by Tyra at his job got the highest score this week and won best photo. It was a big difference from last week when he was in the bottom two. Social media has certainly helped him move closer to his dream. However, the bottom two this week were Chlea and Don, but having social media being so crucial this season, the fans have voted to still keep Don in the running. Chlea was the next to be eliminated and will not be in the running of hopes of being America’s Next Top Model. Tune in next week to see who will rise to the top and who will sadly fall.

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