Sherlock Character Blogs

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatniss like to create elaborate universes for their fanbase. This includes having the BBC create websites that exist in the worlds of both Sherlock and the fans. The following list only has official blogs for Sherlock characters. There are no weird fetish Tumblrs or LiveJournal entries about what someone would like to do with Sherlock, John, and a tub of Cool Whip.

The Science of Deduction

Sherlock’s website The Science of Deduction is identical to the one he updates in the show. It comes complete with a request for “interesting cases only please” and case files. Many of the case files direct those interested to John Watson’s blog because, according to Sherlock, people are more interested in what John has to say. Unfortunately, there is no phone number for female fans to call Benedict Cumberbatch asking for him to deduce some things.

The blog of Dr. John H. Watson

Sorry, Sherlock, but you’re right. John’s blog is more compelling. Prior to meeting Sherlock, John had nothing to write about, except for the occasional meeting with his mates. That all changed on January 29 (no year given). Since that fateful meeting, John has been blogging about his adventures with Sherlock. The posts correspond to specific Sherlock episodes, so John hasn’t update his blog in a while, but that should change when the first episode of series 3 airs on October 31 in the UK.

The blog also provides some insight into John’s relationship with Sherlock. From the moment John met Sherlock, he had to convince the rest of the world he’s not gay. Both Bill Murray, the army nurse who saved his life, and his John’s sister Harry immediately started speculating that the two are a couple just because John said that Sherlock is a strangely likeable madman. While they aren’t a romantic couple, Sherlock and John treat each other like brothers. Seriously. They were sitting in the same room and opted to argue in the comments sections of John’s blog.

Molly Hooper’s Blog

Molly Hooper’s blog is not very interesting. If you can make through the extremely girly combination of pink, flowers, kittens, and a fancy font that is uncomfortable to read,  you’ll find out that Molly works at a morgue and likes Sherlock Holmes.

Connie Prince’s Website

Makeover queen and murder victim Connie Prince’s website perfectly encapsulates everything she was about. It now serves as a memorial where her (in universe) fans posted their condolences. Of course, Sherlock being Sherlock used the message board to tell everyone that Connie Prince was a fake.

Richard Brook

Even Richard Brook, who is really Jim Moriarty, has his own website. It isn’t much, just a simple “BROOK IS INNOCENT” and an email address with “coming soon” at the bottom of the page. If you email with a blank subject line and “I believe in Sherlock Homes. Moriarty was real in the body of the email.” You will get the following response:

Hullo there!

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I will be out of town and
without access to email for an unknown period of time. For all urgent
requests, please contact journalist Kitty Reilly, and she will be able
to direct your message. Otherwise, please feel free to reply with more
details and I’ll be sure to respond when I return!

Thanks from your favourite storyteller,
Richard Brook

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