The “America’s Next Top Model” Men Get Catty

Oh boy! If you thought last week was entertaining, this week certainly turned up a couple of notches. Within the first few minutes, tension in the house already started to form between Chris H. and Mike.

Chris has a tendency of being overly dramatic and Mike told him to shut the f**k up. This was all over having a 5 minute conversation with a loved one back at home. Chris mentions that he remembers his mom as being abusive physically and verbally. An example would be, she chucked a cell phone at his head. Being disrespected by another fellow contestant, Chris sees Mike in a whole different light. Ouch, can you say catfight? And there was certainly no catwalk there to be seen. Mike is certainly no fan of Chris’s if Mike would call Chris “a dramatic little bitch.” Since when do guys get so caddy all of a sudden on the show?

The housemates felt that they needed to have a chat with Chris and he mentions how “he feels like everyone has abandoned him.” He does apologize to the group and Jourdan felt for Chris in the moment, because she too was in a rocky, abusive marriage (all at the age of 18). The challenge for this week was another runway, but this time the runway would be spinning in circles. I’m glad I wasn’t one of those models, because I know me. I would trip and make a klutz out of myself. It wouldn’t be pretty at all; no grace or poise whatsoever.

Whoever won the challenge would win a guest spot to work with Nylon TV. Also, one of the judges for the challenge was none other than Nylon’s Editor-in-chief, Marvin Scott-Jarrett. Nina feels overwhelmed by this challenged because of a sprained ankle that happened during casting week. According to Nylon’s editor-in-chief, he said “the 4 standouts were Phil, Jourdan, Renee and Chris and the bottom 2 were Jeremy and Mike.”

Jourdan won the challenge, which puts her at a greater advantage of hoping to stay for another week. She may be strong competition for the females, but lookout, Chris H. is making a serious run for the title of “America’s Next Top Model.” All the contestants fear that he is strong competition and he’s proving the correct. He is a force to be reckoned with. He has striking features and a strong potential of making it far in the industry.

The photo shoot for this week is a mash up of glam/chic with trailer park trash. What could be better than that? Jourdan wanted to pose with Chris, because he is a strong competitor. Their photographer for this week was the talented The Cobra Snake. No jokes aside, that is really the photographer’s name. Also in the photos would be a girl by the name of Sugar Pop Pop who is a Honey Boo Boo wannabe. Jourdan felt the best way to get to know Chris is through talking with him and getting to know him. Chris pointed out to Jourdan that he moved to over 38 different places. They had a lot of things in common which helped them have a great photo.

Once again the contestants met with the judges to critique the photos for this week. Social media correspondent to the show Bryan Boy says, “Nina gives Jiana a run for her money.” Best photo this week was none other than Jourdan. Nina came in 2nd place and the bottom two were Jeremy and Mike. The fans decided to still keep Jeremy in the competition and to send Mike home. Tyra mentions to Mike, “I didn’t send you home. The fans did.” Mike still has an opportunity to come back in the running because of America’s Next Top Model‘s Wildcard Pick.

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