How Will the New ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast Do?

In less than two weeks, 12 new celebrities will head out onto the Dancing with the Stars dance floor. Airing September 16th, celebrities begin to vie for the coveted trophy and bragging rights of Dancing with the Stars Champion. Every year, fans get excited when the announcement comes on Good Morning America around 8:30 am. The answer to “Who will appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?” is finally here.

Former NY Jets Wide-Reciever Keyshawn Johnson will join the seventeenth season. Dancing With the Stars typically has one or two athletes on the show each season. They usually become top contenders and are entertaining to watch. He might be at an advantage compared to the other contestants because of the fancy footwork he had to do on a daily basis. Johnson’s fast paced agility and personality will certainly help him out with swift and energetic dance routines.

The other male celebrities on the list are Jack Osbourne, High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu, comedian Bill Engvall, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Pretty Little Liars bad boy Brant Daughtery. Corbin Bleu is the only male contest who has previous experience dancing, so it will be interesting to see how the other men keep up with him and Johnson.

The female celebrities are just as good as the guys. Former King of Queens star Leah Remini will take to the ballroom with Dancing With the Stars: Allstars Champion Tony Dovolani. We’ll see if that’s actually an advantage. Elizabeth Berkley who is known for playing Jessie Spano on Saved by the Bell and the box office bomb/cult classic Showgirls is putting on her heels as well. The Voice’s Christina Milian, Glee‘s Amber Riley, The Mary Tyler Moore Show‘s Valerie Harper, and  Jersey Shore‘s Snooki are also hitting the dance floor.

It’s going to be a tough call to see who will actually take home the prize. Elizabeth Berkley is said to be the frontrunner already because she danced in Showgirls. Berkley might bring out the big guns, such as seeking advice from her love interest on Saved By the Bell and past Dancing with the Stars runner-up Mario Lopez. However, “High School Musical’s” Corbin Bleu and “Glee’s” Amber Riley also have a god shot at winning the coveted golden mirror ball trophy because they are known for their dancing as well.

Amber is in good hands, because her partner is none other than 4-time champion, Derek Hough, but it’ll be interesting to see what the other contestants are going to bring to the dance floor. One thing’s for sure everyone is looking forward to seeing cancer fighter and Mary Tyler Moore icon Valerie Harper take on the dance routines.

Being the oldest contestant on this season, Harper has one more battle to fight to win the trophy, but she can definitely do it. At the GMA press conference she mentioned that her terminal brain cancer is close to remission and that she is moving in the right direction. We’re all routing for her, no matter how far she goes in the competition, Valerie Harper is a fighter and a survivor in all our eyes.

On another note about this year’s contestants, it’s frighting to think about what Snooki is going to do especially since this is a family show. Censors might have to be on guard for that little firecracker. The judges might be very critical of her and will not allow her to twerk, Jersey Turnpike, or fist pump. This isn’t a club back in New Jersey. There’s a lot more rules and steps to follow when it comes to the art of dancing. Snooki might be upset that there is no alcohol on hand but will definitely enjoy the clothes and the excessive spray tanning that comes with the deal.

Who do you thing will win? Let us know in the comments!

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