Have You Tried Turning “The IT Crowd” On?

The IT Crowd, like many other Britcoms, seemed to have ended before its time. The show had four series, which is longer than most fan favorite British television shows. It ended not because it was cancelled, but because the writers decided to end the show. This is nearly unheard of, especially in America.

The IT Crowd was the brainchild of Graham Linehan who also created other popular britcoms Black Books and Father Ted. It centers around the three members of the IT department of Reynholm Industries: Roy Trenneman played by Chris O’Dowd, Maurice Moss played by Richard Ayoade. and the relationship manager Jen Barber is played by Katherine Parkinson. They have to deal with outrageous situations such as their crazy boss’ antics, thwarting a German cannibal, and accidentally getting involved in a bank heist all while helping people with their computer problems.

The IT Crowd is a fan favorite because it is relatable. We all know at least one person that doesn’t know the difference between a speaker and a mouse. We have all helped someone with a computer problem, only to find out that they were pressing the floppy disk eject button instead of the power button. The show doesn’t go into the more technical side of IT, but rather shows how incapable the staff of Reynholm industries is with computers.

The three main characters are all written beautifully. Roy is a “modern nerd”. He is lazy, sloppy, and obsessed with comics and video games. Moss, on the other hand, is an “old-school” nerd. Thick-rimmed glasses, suspenders, book smart, socially awkward, and still gets picked on even though he’s 30 years old. Jen is the most rational of the trio, although she has her moments. She acts as a way to tell the audience of computer processes that everyone might not understand. For example, that memory is RAM, or that it’s okay to Google search “Google.”

Along with the main cast, the show has brilliant recurring characters, such as their boss, Denholm Reynholm, who loves declaring war on everything and giving speeches, and his son, Douglas, who will go to no end to get Jen to fall in love with him. Even going so far to roofie her tea, resulting him to get electric underwear. Then there is the incomparable Richmond. He is another member of the IT department, but because of his pessimism and gothic demeanor, he is banished to the back room.

The show gained so much popularity in the UK that an American version was created in 2007, which was written by David Guarascio and Moses Port who produced Happy Endings and the fourth season of Community. It brought back Richard Ayoade as Moss. The US Version starred Jessica St. Clair as Jen and Joel McHale as Roy. Luckily, the show was cancelled before it even made it onto television. The pilot failed due to jokes falling flat and miscasting. While Joel McHale is a great actor, he is just too attractive to play the disgusting slob that is Roy.

While The IT Crowd had ended abruptly, fans can rejoice. Creator Graham Linehan tweeted that the forty-minute long special will air on September 27th on BBC. Not much about the plot has been revealed, but Linehan stated that it’s “a big juicy story with great storylines for all the characters”. No word yet on whether or not it will air in America. The IT Crowd is available on Hulu and Netflix.

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