‘The Queen Latifah Show’: A New Queen in Daytime

Starting today on CBS owned and operated stations, a new queen of daytime is making her way to the television scene. Not only is she a rapper, actress, television star and former spokesperson for Cover girl, Queen Latifah has decided to come back to television. Fans might know her as Dee Dee from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but she can now put talk show host as well onto her resume.

For The Queen Latifah Show’s debut the eponymous host was determined to bring out the big guns. Who better than her Hairspray costar John Travolta? Coming onto the stage, the show opens to her wearing a Tony Manero white polyester suit, made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. She added her spin to the Bee Gees song “Staying Alive” with “Feeling Alive.”

The excitement and energy of the show was getting underway. Queen Latifah was ecstatic about getting her own couch, mug, and audience. A little known fact that she shared today was that the set was designed by singer Lenny Kravitz and they call the set “the big sexy.” Her DJ is her best friend MC-Lyte. They have known each other since Queen Latifah, formerly known as Dana Owens, was 17 years old. MC-Lyte actually inspired Queen Latifah to become a rapper. The show is about having the audience to have fun, feel safe, and in a relaxed environment.

The show goes for an older demographic than most of what airs in primetime. Even though it was the first show, they still need to get into the groove of things.  It may be because it’s on CBS so early in the morning, but the show just felt very stiff. To be honest, I’m surprised I was up early enough to catch the first episode of it.

As Travolta walks out to the couch, he begins to do a few dance moves with her to the summer hit “Blurred Lines.” Travolta congratulates her on her first day and they toast to many more years. She jokes that this is some good apple cider.

Queen Latifah mentions that she was 17 when she started her career and was hoping to retire at 40. Now that she’s 43 she doesn’t want it to end. Travolta then relates that  his career at 12 years old and gained recognition as the head sweat hog, Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter. This segues into Travolta mentioning that the two films that have changed his way of life were Phenomenon and Grease, but talking about his life isn’t why he agreed to be on Queen Latifah’s show. He was there to promote his new movie, The Forger, which stars Christopher Plummer. Travolta mentions that it about three generations and that he feels it’s very heartfelt and well-written. The interview ends with Queen Latifah asking him whose his favorite football team, and of course, Travolta has to give a diplomatic answer, but she spits out her love for the Giants by screaming “Go Giants” before the commercial break.

Queen Latifah recognizes an unsung hero: Mr. Vince Womack, who is a music teacher trying to keep the arts alive. The students were surprised to see Queen Latifah, but she had many more surprises up her sleeve. They went to sound recording studio and she announces another big surprise. Alicia Keys comes inside the room and the teacher is in shock, saying “he’s dreaming.’” She performs a cover of the song “Valerie.” Then, the band perform the same song. The last surprise was a newer band room. They received new floors, 100 new performance chairs, and all new band equipment from Yamaha. Emotions ran high in the classroom. Mr. Womack got even more emotional watching the tape back as he sat in the audience. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Queen Latifah also mentioned how she has known this young lady since “she was born and they are practically like family.” She introduces Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith as she performs her new viral hit “Summer Fling.”  Even though the show is early, she truly brings a great, positive energy to the show. The celebrities for now are A-list, but who knows what she is going to bring next to the table.

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