‘Dads’: Watch at Your Own Risk

Everyone likes to have a good laugh and they say laughing is the best medicine to have. So Tuesday nights will make your night a little bit brighter. Dads is a new show airing on FOX at 8 pm. It’s created by Seth MacFarlane. He is best known for his vulgar, racist remarks on the hit show Family Guy and his feature movie Ted. You must watch this show at your own discretion, but if you know Seth MacFarlane, you know what to expect.

Dads is about two video game designers, Eli and Warner, who have their dads come to live with them. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot more complicated than it seems. Warner, who is played by Ted star Giovanni Ribisi, often feels guilty because his dad lives with him and his wife. Warner’s dad Crawford, played by Martin Mull, who twentysomethings best know as the principal from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, already makes himself feel at home by making a mess in the kitchen and entering in only a towel.

At work, Warner and Eli start battling over whose dad is worse.  “You will lose the bad dad showdown,” Warner claims. A young cute girl named Veronica comes in to talk about a deal with Chinese investors. The guys tell Veronica that she is going to dress up like a sexy Asian schoolgirl. Not only is that racist, but that is degrading to her. Warner says, “Hello Kitty.” She comes out in a Sailor Moon type outfit with pig tails, stiletto heels, and her bra exposed. How far is too far when you want to seal the deal? We know that sex sells, but that is not the way to get people’s attention.

While their kids are at work, Warner and Eli’s dads decide to get lunch together, but once the check comes they find other ways to have the other person pay the check. Crawford pretends to sneeze and moves the check toward Eli’s dad, David.

As Eli and Warner pitch their video game presentation on “Kill Hitler 2,” one of the Chinese investors takes a photo of Veronica in the sexy outfit. She then decides to promote herself to VP of Game Development. They describe the game as “how you can execute Hitler and impale him with a menorah.”

Eli gets into an argument with his dad, so Eli leaves his dad at the airport. However, David decides to come back because he has no home left to go to. David feels guilty because he has failed his wife, doesn’t have a home, and hasn’t been a good father to Eli. Eli says that they can try to improve their relationship, but even he was surprised that those words came out of his own mouth. Eli’s insecure and fear that his dad routes for him to fail.

Veronica mentions to Eli and Warner that their company made a deal with the Chinese investors because one of them sent her a picture of his genitalia. Not exactly classy stuff.

Seth MacFarlane certainly knows how to push the buttons over the edge with his racy jokes. Censors will constantly be on standby. He wants to push the envelope and the reviews don’t get to him. It’s sad and true, but it’s all relatable. People have different relationships with their parents. Some are close knit; others are estranged.

Being Jewish, I have heard all the Jewish jokes before, but I try not letting it get the better of me. They show Crawford watching a video talking about the night of broken glass and the Holocaust. In a sitcom. While the humor is most often distasteful, it’s your choice whether or not to watch the show.

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