Should ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Go Back to Sleep?

Warning: Many of the comments in this review are meant to be sarcastic, so put on your sarcasm detector.

Last night’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled “Blood Moon,” began with a dream sequence. His wife Katrina warns him of an army of evil that will rise to bring the Four Horsemen back to life. This “army of evil” hunting will certainly give Ichabod and Abbie something to do for the rest of the series. Katrina explains that the first dark spirit will rise with the blood moon and that “she [the dark spirit] is one of us.” Ichabod has no clue what she is talking about and wakes up before she can explain.

Abbie’s captain, Frank Irving, played by Orlando Jones, still doubts the whole Headless Horseman ordeal, even though two officers went on record stating that they saw the horseman. Irving informs that they recanted their statements. He then shows her security footage that proves that Andy Dunn, played by John Cho, did not die by a demon whipping his head off his neck, but running head first into a wall. This basically decapitates him, without the head actually coming off because that seems plausible. With the physical evidence of the videotape, Abbie starts to doubt what is real and what is not.

In the morgue, Andy is brought back to life, except he has some unfortunate turkey neck syndrome due to the whole internal decapitation. The demon that killed Andy appears before him and starts speaking in Latin. Suddenly, Andy pulls a necklace out of his mouth. Thank goodness they didn’t do an autopsy yet. Andy can suddenly understand Latin, it must be a dead thing, and learns that he has to release someone. At Abbie’s partner’s funeral, Ichabod goes to Katrina’s grave and realizes that when she said that the evil spirit was “one of us”, she meant a witch, if that wasn’t obvious.

Now that it’s nighttime, Andy places the necklace on a grave. It suddenly bursts into flame and a charred woman appears. He delivers a message “the ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection. Take their flesh and you will reclaim yours.” He tells her that he is going to help her find the people she needs. He uses the cop car he stole in the morning to pull over their first victim. How has no one figured out that Andy is missing from the morgue? Anyway, the woman kills the man by touching the windshield making the car burst into flame. In the morning, Ichabod and Abbie go to the crime scene and look at the charred remains of the victim. His chest has been clawed into; Ichabod knows who is responsible.

Ichabod tells Abbie that the witch they are looking for is named Serilda. She is the leader of a dark coven that had killed his troop. Abbie’s old partner Corbin had files about the good and the evil covens in Sleepy Hollow. These files have been moved to the, now closed, armory. Luckily, Ichabod knows an underground tunnel that leads from the police station to the armory. After they break down a wall to get into the tunnel, they see that it still contains gunpowder from the American Revolution, but also has modern walkways and ladders. They find Corbin’s files and learn that Serilda needs the ancestors of the people who burned her alive in order to come back to life. She must kill them before the blood moon, which coincidentally is that night.

After she obtains the remains of two ancestors, she goes to the tunnel to make her polyjuice potion. By the time Abbie and Ichabod find her, she has become whole again. She starts saying things in Greek, which Ichabod can understand. He grabs a torch and uses the 250-year-old gunpowder to blow her up. Abbie goes into Corbin’s old office and hallucinates him sitting there. He tells her that she needs to have some faith and to stop doubting everything. He also tells her not to be afraid of the number 49. The episode ends with Abbie’s sister, who is in a mental institution, in room 49.

This episode was kind of lacking on the horror, dragged a little too much on the “Ichabod is not from this time” jokes, and was too campy. I did like that they set up the “army of evil” that is going to rise before the four horsemen because I didn’t want to have to see them fighting the Headless Horseman in every episode. The show already has a small and loyal following on Tumblr, so there is hope that this show could reach a Supernatural status. The problem with the show being campy is that it’s hard to determine whether or not it’s intentional. I got the sense that it was not. The pilot was great, but this episode was not. It seems like Sleepy Hollow might need to just go back to sleep.

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  1. I like this episode. It’s amazing how a guy who’s been dead and buried for hundreds of years can immediately figure out taxes are too high. Why can’t everyone else figure that out?

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