No Trophy For ‘Trophy Wife’

If you’re looking for a good laugh, Trophy Wife won’t do it. The show is so dry and boring it certainly doesn’t deserve a award of any kind. It doesn’t get a trophy in my book.

Malin Ackerman plays Kate, a young, carefree, step mom to three step kids and has to deal with her husband’s two ex-wives. In a voice over, she mentions how she met her husband, Pete. She and her friend were having a good time at a Karoke Bar, dancing, drinking and she fell and broke Pete’s nose with the microphone. They rush to the hospital and to kill time they get to know each other by explaining their injuries. Pete’s first ex-wife, Diane, is a nurse, who happens to be on duty the night Pete breaks his nose. She’s the one who puts his nose back in place. With all the confusion and panic going on between the families, Pete asks Kate out on a first date. Kate didn’t expect to meet Pete’s entire family in one night.

Kate goes to a parent-teacher conference to discuss her step-son, Warren’s report on mythology. When she goes to talk to the teacher, a student says “hey, what’s up Milf?” The teacher even mentions how young Kate is. She could have easily gone to school here. Diane, who is Warren’s mother, shows up as well to the meeting. In the problematic report, Warren erotic erotically talks about milky grapefruits and licking a tattooed ankle. Diane believes Kate is the subject of the report. Kate holds her breasts and says “these are not grapefruit; these are peaches.” Turns out the report wasn’t about Kate. The milky grapefruits and ankle tattoo belong to a schoolmate named Chelsea.

The highlight of the show is the young adopted Asian son, Bert. He carries the show with his perfect comedic timing and comments like “Do you think I was born yesterday? I was born in 2006.” The show would be a lot better if the big named stars, such as Marcia Gay Harden and Bradley Whitford, were as good as this seven year old.

The character development in Trophy Wife is lacking and there is no chemistry between the families. Fortunately, it was only a half hour show because I don’t know how much more of this I could’ve taken. It’s thirty minutes of my life that I want back. Bradley Whitford and Marcia Gay Harden need to stick to what they know. Whatever that is, it’s certainly not comedy. It’s a mystery how this show got green-lit in the first place. I guarantee you that this show will not even make it to season two.

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