‘Dancing With The Stars’: Walk of Fame or Walk of Shame

Dancing with the Stars got glammed up for Hollywood Night. The celebrities were paying homage to some of the legendary icons. Most of the dance routines consisted of flapper dresses and 1920’s Gatsby style routines. There is a certain style that comes with 1920s Hollywood. The elegance, sophistication, and storytelling truly did show amongst the performances. Tom Bergeron made an announcement that Bill Nye has a badly torn tendon and is seeking medical attention. Bill decides that he is going to dance, the show must go on.

Leah Remini and Tony’s performance was the rumba and required a lot of eye contact. She had to portray a Bond girl as Adele’s “Skyfall” played in the background. Her footwork felt very sloppy and Leah’s hair was getting all over her face. It was very distracting because no one could tell what her facial expressions were. The judges praised Leah for getting out of her comfort zone. The chemistry between Leah and Tony continues to sizzle. Len mentions that the routine certainly wasn’t deadwood. She received 8s across the board for a score of 24 out of 30.

Corbin Bleu and Karina gave their quickstep and old Hollywood scandal experience to the audience. Karina wants this quickstep to be the fastest dance that has ever been attempted on the show. Corbin wanted Karina to slow down even though the pacing has to be quick. In the beginning, the performance was filmed in classic black and white. It showcases a director and an aspiring actress dancing together to a very sultry jazz number. Stylistically, the performance was beautiful and impressive. Bruno mentions how he has never seen anything like that before. Even though Carrie Ann and Bruno were impressed, Len not so much: “For me, it was a bit hectic at times. Speed came in and style came out. It’s a balance.” Carrie Ann and Bruno gave the couple 9s. Len gave an 8, making the total score 26 out of 30.

Elizabeth Berkley and Val were assigned the foxtrot. The foxtrot has a real elegance and old Hollywood feel to it. Val kept mentioning to his partner that she needs to commit herself to the performance. He decided to blindfold Elizabeth as a trust exercise. Elizabeth could not have asked for a better partner. They  danced to “Come Fly With Me.” Elizabeth was dressed as a flight attendant…go figure. The performance reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. Carrie Ann said “you have taken your dance to new heights.” Len oddly describes the performance by saying “that was chicken soup, delicious and satisfied.” He then says “Lizzie keep busy because you are a contender.” Carrie Ann and Bruno gave 8s, but Len gave a 9. For a score of 25 out of 30.

Brant Daugherty and Petas dance for this week was the quick step. In his pre-taped package, Brant mentions to his partner that he sprained his ankle when he was mugged at gunpoint. Brant gave the robber the bags and it had a pair of his Latin dance shoes. He told Peta that together they will make it through. The performance was truly Gatsby inspired through the clothes and set design. Len was right, “it had speed and control.” Brant certainly didn’t let the mugging get to him. Everything was so crisp and pristine that they received 9s across the board. He received the highest scores of the night by getting a 27 out of 30.

Valerie Harper and Tristan’s dance routine is none other than the paso doble. The two decided that they want to channel two different characters, Grace Kelly and Freddy Mercury. It was fun someone impersonate Freddy Mercury and his iconic mustache. Even though Valerie was in a blonde wig trying to channel Grace Kelly, she didn’t do it justice. There was no grace whatsoever. The judges all agreed it wasn’t her best dance. The judges mentioned how she went wrong so many times and lost her way. After hearing the feedback, she got a 6 from Carrie Ann and two 5s. She has a total of 16 out of 30.

Bill Engvall and Emma wanted to bring some Western Cowboys to the mix. The performed their paso doble to “The Lone Ranger” theme song. Bill didn’t even know what the paso doble was before coming in. He thought that it was Mexican food dish. Their performance truly stood. He has shown a big improvement improvement week after week. Bill and Emma showed power and authority. The routine had a lot of attack and Carrie Ann praised him by saying he nailed it. Len said that this was Bill’s best dance yet. He received 8s across the board giving him a total of 24 out of 30.

Amber and Derek are the first couple this season to do the Charleston. The Charleston requires over the top movement and expressions. Derek mentions how the dance is quite similar to a cartoon and Charlie Chaplin. Comedic timing and the footwork needs to be polished and clean. The dance was certainly fun to watch but Bruno mentions that “she has to be sharper on the scissors action.” The judges all agreed and gave her 8s across the board for a total of 24 out of 30.

Jack and Cheryl wanted to be different from the rest. He said “everyone is doing the 20’s,” so they decided to break out of that habit and dance to the 70’s. He really feels now that he’s making a porno because he is acting like a 1970’s pimp. In his pre taped package, his dance partner noticed how much he was struggling with the cha cha, but it certainly didn’t show during performance time. The rockstar opening was brilliant and worked well for them. It was ambitious as Bruno points out. The judges want Jack to continue and to give it everything he has. Carrie Ann and Len gave Jack a 7 but Bruno gave him an 8. The total was 22 out of 30.

Christina and Mark were the other couple to dance the Charleston. Mark wants to be in clown face…oh god. He’s bringing out full theatricality with this performance once again. Mark “wants to show Christina as being versatile.” Even though the judges commended her on the routine, the energy was lacking compared to Amber and Derek’s Charleston. Len was happy that their dance showcased a little bit of Charleston and Lindy Hop. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave her 9s and Len gave an 8. She received a 26 out of 30.

Nicole “Snooki “ Polizzi was very disappointed with last week’s scores. She doesn’t want anymore 6s because she’s embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be? It’s already week three. You should be getting 7s and 8s. Her partner Sasha wanted Snooki to be a rocket. She points out that if a rocket goes up to space, after space would be heaven. Let the awkward silence continue because no one knows what to expect after that response. She mentions to Tom Bergeron that in her past life she was Marilyn Monroe. Tom then made a joke that Sasha thought he was John F. Kennedy…scary stuff to think about. They dance the quickstep to “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” Snooki and Sasha did a one handed cartwheel, while holding hands. It was insane and I never saw anything like that before. It looked flawless. Len was happy that her first ballroom dance surprised him. The judges thought she was in character and were wowed. Carrie Ann says “watch me boys” as she pulls out the 9 paddle. Bruno and Len both give Snooki and 8, giving her a total of 25 out of 30.

Bill Nye was the last to take the dance floor. His doctor mentioned that “the fibers were holding on for dear life.” Bill and his partner, Tyne dance to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Their goal was to make their routine very futuristic. He was not moving at all. Tyne wanted the dance routine to be easy as possible. Bill was mainly moving his arms, robot style, Tyne did the rest. At the end, Bill continues to get the infamous chant of his name being called. Bruno also does the robot but says “DANGER!” Len praised Bill because it took guts, determination, and bravery for what he did on that stage. Carrie Ann gave a 6 and Len and Bruno gave a 5. He got a 16 out of 30 tying with Valerie Harper .

At the top of the leader board was Brant and Tyne. The bottom two were Christina and Bill Nye. Due to low scores, Bill and Tyne were suddenly eliminated. Everyone continued to chant his name. Now, he can let his leg rest and get better.

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