‘Parks and Rec’: “Doppelgangers” Invade Pawnee

PREarly Leslie Knope was not always pleasant. She was sometimes selfish, a little narrow-minded, and always allowed her passion to cloud her judgment. Her semi-temper tantrum after Ann revealed her plans to relocate in “Doppelgangers” definitely hearkened back to that. This is not to say I don’t love Leslie because believe me, I DO LOVE LESLIE. But girl needs to think before reacts sometimes. Ann, smartly, tried to absorb the shock with waffles and a shirtless photo of Joe Biden before she confessed, but Leslie saw right through it and stalked off on a loyalty tangent. She’s actually kind of intolerable for much of the episode, trying to force everybody to sign legally-binding friendship contracts after other Pawnee employees hinted at leaving because “No one around here understands loyalty.” After (another) enlightening conversation with Ron, though, she realizes her mistake and tells Ann she’s ready to talk.

Let’s get to the rest of the episode. Because Eagleton has been reabsorbed into Pawnee, its parks department has come to the municipal building. Donna meets Craig, an emotional, overzealous, Scandal-obsessed office manager. April works with Tynnyfer, a vapid dud of a woman who, naturally, fascinates April because she’s the worst person she’s ever met. Ron is paired with another Ron, Ron Dunn, a man of few words who seems to be a perfect match for Mr. Swanson. Tom thinks he’s working with Eric, but it’s really ERIC, an acronym for a computer program. Jerry is also back to help with the influx of filing. Each pair had great interactions throughout the episode – it’s hard to pick the best, though I do have my favorite. April puts on her best Valley Girl voice and uses words like “crazemazing,” even when she’s not with Tynnyfer. She also promises to let her stay in her second home in Miami, which is actually Dwayne Wade’s mansion. Perfect. Donna, meanwhile, is dealing with Craig, who made me laugh out loud several times during the episode. Donna said he loves his job more than Leslie loves hers, and she wasn’t joking. He loves everything and screams a lot, which is definitely something I can identify with. The only ailment he has is “CARING TOO MUCH, AND IT’S INCURABLE. Also eczema.” Tom even has some interaction with his thumb drive counterpart. He makes a mess at his desk and talks all the smack he can to make sure ERIC doesn’t take over his job. The best duo, though, was the two Rons. Mr. Dunn, it turns out, is a Morrissey-loving, sandal-wearing vegan; the polar opposite of Ron Swanson. He envisions a communal-living town full of yoga and good vibes, something Ron Swanson cannot comprehend.

Chris and Ben, meanwhile, are helping with the budget end of things, putting their old good cop-bad cop routine back on. Chris is the one who gets everybody pumped while Ben, of course, SLASHES BUDGETS. BEN SLASH.  They soon discover Eagleton paid for things like segways, baristas, masseurs, and baristas FOR the masseurs, but the two find a way to make it work, and they go out for a celebratory dinner because they are best friends forever and the best AUDITING BROS! around. The two actually have a pretty serious discussion about where they’re at in their lives right now. Years ago, fixing budgets used to be all they had. Now, Chris said, they get to have Ann and Leslie, too. It’s here that Chris lets Ben in on his plans to move, and Ben reacts exactly how Leslie should have: “I’m a little sad, but I’m incredibly happy for you.” She’ll get her chance, though, because she’s finally ready to talk about it.

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