‘Modern Family’ Reflects Modern Values

Year after year, Modern Family continues to bring home the awards. This past year, the show took home an Emmy for outstanding comedy. Since the show is so popular with award show voters and the public, some people may wonder how accurately the show portrays modern suburban life. You might even compare Modern Family to the family oriented Leave It To Beaver. However, we as a society have come a long way from the 1950’s. The suburban lifestyle and TV show’s morals and values have changed over the course of many generations.

Most viewers would have to agree that the writers do a great job with the well written dialogue and an interesting portrayal of the diverse characters. The show brings a new insight to family dynamics. Not only are the characters relatable, but the dysfunction of the Dunphy/Pritchett family makes it feel real. Dysfunction is the new normal. Now we can embrace this show as part of our society because more and more families are becoming blended. Modern Family is a nice change of pace and is very refreshing to watch.

One of the episodes that give a clear indication of changing values in suburban life is more same-sex couples living together and wanting to expand their family. The discussion of having a second child comes up in most families. Modern Family delves into the idea of surrogacy. Rather than adoption, Cameron and Mitchell consider doing surrogacy as a viable option in creating a sibling for their four year old daughter, Lily. Yes, it’s an uncommon practice for most families, but it’s one of the few options for a gay couple made up of two men.

Television has come a long way since Leave it to Beaver. You were never able to show the toilet or mention pregnancy. Showcasing a same sex-couple was completely out of the question. Being in 2013 now, there are certain issues that no longer raise red flags,  Socially, we are more aware and accepting unlike the 1950’s.  Modern Family rings true. It  showcases how suburban life looks like now. This is our new norm.

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