‘Dancing With The Stars’: Dancing Through The Years

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, everyone was on top of their game, which made for a very entertaining show. Not only were the dances beautiful to watch, but they had a great story behind it.

Christina Milian chose 2010 to be her most memorable year because of the the highs and lows that came with it. She gave birth to her daughter and also got a divorce the same time. Her dancing the cha cha was very entertaining to watch because her footwork and technique were on point.  Carrie Ann and Bruno gave Christina 9s, but Len gave her the first 10 of the season, which gave her a score of 28 out of 30.

Jack Osbourne’s most memorable year was 2012 because he married his wife, had a daughter, and two weeks later was diagnosed with MS. Dedicating his waltz to his wife and daughter was a truly beautiful moment. The interaction between him and his dance partner, Cheryl, was very moving to see. Carrie Ann said it best “you took my breath away.” The judges gave Jack all 9s across the board, totaling a 27 out of 30.

Leah Remini’s idea for her contemporary piece was to have her partner, Tony, play a puppeteer. She pointed out that 2012 was her hardest year. Tony would pulled on the strings and Leah would suddenly break out and shine. Carrie Ann loved the content and the message behind this dance along with the others. Len thought the performance was very good and very effective. Carrie Ann and Len gave 7s, whereas Bruno gave an 8 for a score of 22 out of 30.

Corbin Bleu wanted his foxtrot to be dedicated to his sister, Phoenix. In 2011, Corbin’s sister was diagnosed with scoliosis and needs to wear a back brace 24/7. This dance was a true fairytale. After the performance, he runs to his sisters, and gives them  a hug and a kiss. Bruno calls Corbin “a love child of Fred Astaire and Ben Vereen.” Carrie Ann and Len gave 9s but Bruno decided to give a 10. Corbin got a 28 out of 30.

Bill Engvall dates way back to 1982 when he married his wife. They have been married for thirty years. His Viennese waltz certainly told a story underneath the lights. Bill was a little off timing, but it didn’t stop Bill from finishing the dance.  It was beautiful to watch that someone with no dance experience is certainly trying his very best. Bruno mentions that “his arms need to be graceful; it’s not like you’re going to a bowling alley.” The judges decided to give Bill all 8s, totaling a 24 out of 30.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi chose 2012 to also be her most memorable year because of the birth of her son, Lorenzo.  Her routine was a jazz number to Britney Spear’s new song “Work B***H.” Nicole mentioned that Lorenzo truly changed her for the better. I must say, Nicole is quite the firecracker and continues to amaze me week after week. Len said “it was vibrant, lifts were clean and the dance was fun to watch.” Nicole worked her butt off to earn 9s across the board, totaling a 27 out of 30.

Brant Daughtery wanted to dance for his dad, who passed away in 2009. Dancing to a contemporary piece truly brought the emotions out of the two dancers. Peta, his dance partner jumped on him like a spider monkey and wouldn’t let go. The overall piece was very touching. Bruno praises Brant for not having any fear and Carrie Ann felt every movement. Overall, the judges loved it which gave Brant a 27 out of 30.

Amber Riley chose 2009 to be her most memorable year because she got turned down from American Idol, but then booked Glee. Her foxtrot had a lot of energy, personality, and interaction with her dance partner.  Bruno said “Lady Amber is here to stay, and she is a performing powerhouse.” Even though Carrie Ann and Bruno enjoyed the performance, Len was being very critical. He said there wasn’t enough frame for a foxtrot so he gave Amber a 7, whereas Carrie Ann gave a 9 and Bruno gave a 10. Amber received a  26 out of 30.

Elizabeth Berkley chose 2012 too. It was the year her son was born. She wanted to channel back to her Saved By The Bell days by jiving to “I’m So Excited.” It was very vibrant and 80s chic. Carrie Ann felt that the kicks were a little soft for her. I completely agreed. There should have been more attack on the kicks and flicks. Carrie Ann gave an 8 but Len and Bruno gave 9s, totaling a 26 out of 30.

When it came time for the eliminations, things certainly changed. Christina and Mark were found in the bottom two with Leah and Tony.  It was  surprising because Christina had the highest marks on the leader board and Leah had the lowest. However, due to a low number of fan votes, America has voted to eliminate Christina and Mark.

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