“The Walking Dead”: “Infected” Recap

In last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, the prison is starting to crumble as a safe haven. Outside forces, like the mysterious disease and the growing number of walkers near one spot of the fence, are threatening the whole group. Last week’s episode ended with a new character Patrick getting sick and turning into a walker. This set off a whole chain of events that unfolded last night. Rick theorizes that the illness and the sick animals could be connected. He also notices that the walkers are grouped near the livestock. He then sacrifices the pigs to draw the walkers away from the fence. Problem solved, right?

There is also a new threat within the group. Someone is feeding the walkers live rats, which could be another reason why they crowded in one area. This same person might have been responsible for killing two people that were suspected to have the mystery flu. Since there are so many new people in the prison, this is a recipe for disaster. Last week, Rick learned to stop trusting people. This lesson is probably going to spread to everyone in the original group. This is evident because Rick and Carl are carrying guns again.

No developments on The Governor yet.  He will probably come swooping in right around the time people are turning on each other, getting infected by the flu, and the walkers break down the fence. All in one episode, probably the midseason finale. He is going to come back though. In last week’s preview for the rest of the season, a shot showed something that The Governor does to Rick in the comics. Just a hint: it also happens to a character on Game of Thrones.

This week, Michonne finally got some character development. Since her introduction, she’s just been a scowling badass. Now we have learned that she used to be a mother. At least, that’s what I took away. In her scenes with Beth and baby Judith, I was annoyed that Michonne was very anti-baby. It seems like there is a recent trend with writing strong female characters in that they also don’t want to have kids. Beth brought up a point that orphans are children who have lost their parents but there isn’t a word for parents who have lost their children. Michonne doesn’t respond, and then later cries as she cradles Judith. This made me think that she didn’t want to interact with Judith because it reminded her of the pain of losing her child.

Like last week’s episode, it was a little slow but not bad. I still feel like everything is still building up. I do like the direction where it is going that everything is descending into chaos. Now that the prison is becoming unstable, the group is probably going to be forced to their next location.

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