“The Dead” are back on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

AHSResurrection is running wild on American Horror Story: Coven, even without the inimitable Misty Day. In the fittingly-titled “The Dead,” Kyle and Madison get it on walking dead-style, the Axeman is back, and Zoe brings back Spalding’s tongue from beyond the grave – all while Queenie leads the recently exhumed Madame LaLaurie straight into Laveau’s eager arms. Let’s see how we got there.

The episode opens with Kyle discovering exactly who (or, rather, what) he is by taking us back to a tattoo parlor at an unspecified time. We see one brother get some ink on his leg, while another gets a tattoo on his arm. Both of these limbs, we learn, are now attached to Kyle, who notices the irregularities and cries out. He examines his body and holds up to his face his hands that appear to be just a smidge too large for his body – a nice touch, whether it was done intentionally or not.

The other walking corpse, Madison, is a tiny bit better at communicating, probably because she wasn’t sewn together using the parts of several women. She feels no pain and no hunger no matter how hard she tries. The emptiness she feels after death, she said, is deeper than what she felt during it. She walks in on Zoe tending to Kyle and doesn’t remember who he is. Once Zoe explains it to her, though, Madison discovers that she’s not alone in her struggle, and she does what any perfectly reasonable person would do: has sex with Kyle and grins and Zoe when she walks in on the two of them. Zoe is, understandably, upset. She is the one who wanted to bring Kyle back (even if she did try and fail to re-kill him twice), after all. But why fight about it? Madison very handily coaxes her into joining them for a threesome, and that seems to be the end of that.

Before this, Zoe does a little resurrecting of her own. She found a wet, lively tongue hidden away in a crawlspace that she soon finds out was Spalding’s. It’s so well-preserved because of Myrtle’s enchantment, so Zoe thinks on her feet. After a conversation with a new and improved Cordelia, she reattaches it to get the truth about Madison’s murderer, whom Spalding reveals is, of course, Fiona. Finished, Zoe stabs him in the heart.

Meanwhile, Fiona spends the night with the Axeman. To her, he seems like a kind, handsome man right off the bat. She realizes something MIGHT be off after discovering a dead body in his bathroom, likely the apartment’s former owner. She tries to leave, but not before he reveals a secret; he’s been watching Fiona since she first arrived at the coven at eight years old. He first saw her as a daughter and did things like dropping a hutch on her tormenter. You know, the usual dad stuff. As she aged, though, his feelings grew “complicated,” he fell in love, and now we’re here.

Fiona’s nemesis, Marie Laveau, fares much better. Queenie and Delphine bond over burgers in a way that sort of left me rooting for their friendship to continue to develop. Delphine is horrible, and she’s said some terrible things to Queenie, but she’s learning – or at least trying to. So it was a little tough to watch when Queenie, at Marie’s request, asks Delphine about the worst thing she’s ever done. She opens up, only because she was promised “true friendship,” and spouts off something that is somehow worse than locking her own daughter in a cage or turning a man into a minotaur. After one of her slaves had a child out of wedlock with the male LaLaurie, Delphine has the baby killed and uses his blood as a part of her beauty routine right in front of his mother. Queenie has heard enough, and she brings Delphine to Marie’s under the pretense that she’s going to get her hair done. That’s obviously not the case, as Delphine soon realizes once Laveau emerges and locks her in a coffin-shaped cage, not dissimilar from one Delphine might have used way back when. Queenie makes the first incision. Laveau uses the blood to perform Delphine’s exact beauty ritual, saying “Beautiful” into a mirror in just about the fiercest way imaginable.

Now at the halfway mark, this season has been cohesive while still maintaining some of that good old-fashioned AHS crazy. Fiona is now the enemy on both sides, not to mention she has the Axeman on her tail. Her death seems imminent, but on this show, that doesn’t really mean anything.

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