‘Dancing With The Stars’: Who Won The Mirror Ball Trophy?

After 11 weeks of competition, Dancing with the Stars has crowned this season’s champion. The two-night finale was action packed with memorable performances from previous contestants of season 17, musical guests, fusion dances and even creative freestyles.

In Monday night’s episode, contestants had to deal with three dance rounds: the judges pick, an intense freestyle, and a samba relay to gain extra points on their scores. For round one, the judges chose the dances they felt the contestants can best improve on, which also gave the judges a chance to sit in on the contestants studio practice and help out.

Bill Engvall had to dance the Viennese Waltz again. This time to Billy Joel’s “She Always A Woman To Me, which gave the performance a real romantic elegant feel. Even though his dance wasn’t that much of an improvement, he was still very entertaining to watch. Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len didn’t expect him to make it as far as he did because he isn’t the same caliber as the other competitors. His first set of scores totaled 24/30 and his samba routine was mediocre compared to the others. Sadly, Bill came in last place, which only gave him an extra two points on his score.

Corbin Bleu was asked to perform his quickstep again because Len felt it was hectic the last time. The dance was very fast paced and his footwork was very technical. However, there wasn’t that much improvement from the last time he performed the same exact routine. The judges felt that this was a disappointment, especially because this is the finals. Bruno told Corbin that “he went out of sync.” He scored a 27/30. In roudn two, Corbin danced last in the samba contest, which proved to help him. He won first place, gaining an extra five points on his score.

The judges chose the jive for Jack Osbourne to perform again. The last time Jack performed the jive was in week 7, when he needed to work on proper weight distribution and getting his kicks and flicks crisper. You could see that Jack found this dance hard. Bruno, who helped Jack improve, said “What are you doing to Papa? The kicks and flicks were good, but the timing went downhill.”  Jack received a total of 24/30. For the samba relay, Jack came in third and received an extra three points.

Amber Riley needed to dance her Charleston routine again. When she performed it in week three, the steps and the music weren’t in sync. This time around, she nailed it. Amber’s dance was quirky in everything from the facial expressions to the footwork. It was very personality driven. Bruno thought her footwork was “as sharp as a razorblade.” Carrie Ann thought Amber truly outdid herself. She received a perfect score of 30/30. Amber and Derek came out strong in the samba routine. They brought their sassiness to the dance, which gave them second place and four extra points.

After two intense rounds, the freestyles got underway. Bill’s freestyle was inspired by the Indiana Jones theme, whereas Corbin was channeling his inner Michael Jackson. Jack’s performance summarized his entire season. Amber’s freestyle gave an old Western feel to the dance. All the performances were fantastic, but Amber’s really stood out. She held nothing back and kept up with the other professional dancers. Everyone loved the dance so much that fans voted for her to perform it again the following night. It’s time to go big or go home. Jack, Corbin, and Amber received perfect scores. Bill was the only contestant left, who didn’t receive a perfect score this round, which resulted in his elimination.

Tuesday night was jammed packed. The top three competed in fusion dances. There were also other memorable performances. The team “Foxing Awesome” performed their “What Does The Fox Say” routine with the band Ylvis singing their viral hit. The remaining three contestants were in that performance.

Afterward, Corbin and Karina were the first to take the stage one last time. The performed their cha cha-foxtrot routine. It went from slow elegance in the foxtrot to a faster paced cha cha. All of the judges agreed that he messed up slightly on the cha cha at the end, but the foxtrot was beautiful. The judges gave Corbin all 9s for a total of 27/30.

Jack and Cheryl performed the paso doble-salsa. The dance was all about being taking charge and staying in control. The salsa and the paso doble blended together really nicely, but Carrie Ann felt Jack became flatfooted during the salsa. The judges too also gave Jack 9s across the board, giving him a total of 27/30.

Amber and Derek’s samba quickstep was on fire. Amber knows how to bring the personality and character to all of her performances. Bruno thought the dance was “uplifting and high octane.”  Everything was on point technically. All of the judges praised her and Derek for their mash up. Amber received 10s across the board for a perfect score of 30/30.

Within the last five minutes of results, the dancers’ anxiety was certainly looming in the air. Jack Osbourne came in third place, Corbin second, and Amber won the mirror ball trophy. Glee star Amber Riley is the first African American woman to win Dancing With The Stars. Throughout the series, she has been a plus size role model to many fans. To encourage her fans, she said it doesn’t matter what size you are, anyone can do it.  Along with being an Emmy award winning choreographer, Derek Hough is now a 5-time Dancing with the Stars champion.

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