90 Day Fiance Review

90 Day Fiance is standard TLC half-scripted reality fare. It follows four couples, each made up of an American man and a foreign woman. Each couple has 90 days to decide whether or not to get married and go through with the ceremony. Throughout the process, the couples have to deal with culture shock and family members’ concerns that the women are scammers.

In the first episode, we meet three couples: Mike and Aziza, Russ and Paola, and Alan and Kirlyam. The men live around the United States, whereas the women are vising from Russia, Colombia, and Brazil, respectively.

Out of all the couples, Russ and Paola appear to have spent the most time together prior to getting a K-1 (Fiance) visa. Russ met Paolo when he was working on an oil rig in Columbia. Their relationship is very physical. Paolo wanted to shower with Russ. They are constantly kissing and hugging. If the cameras weren’t on, they probably wouldn’t be discussing their relationship and what moving in with Russ’s parents will do to their relationship. It’s obvious his parents don’t like Paola because she’s a girly girl with a strong personality. When the family was eating dinner, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

Russ and Paola’s relationship is the only one that seems genuine on both sides. However, Russ’s parents may cause Paola to return home. She wants to be with their son, but doesn’t want to be told that she will be required to learn the family recipe for a special pie.

The second couple is Alan and Kirlyam. Alan met Kirlyam as a Morman missionary in Brazil. Their relationship is the hardest to understand. Kirlya is from a small town that doesn’t have running water. She has no idea what the world is like outside of her village. While Kirlya doesn’t seem manipulative, she appears very naive. Any place in the United States would be overwhelming for her, yet Alan chooses to take her to Hollywood. This was a baffling decision. She has no concept of what a normal American life entails, but he takes her to a place where a grown man dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Alan said he did it because she likes movies, but she should be exposed to real life before she indulges in that fantasy.

Least likely to make it to the alter are Mike and Aziza. Their whole relationship is off. She was denied a visa twice, so she decided to apply for a K-1 visa, which was the only way she could visit the United States. There’s 10 years between them and no romantic chemistry. It makes me cringe every time they hold hands. You know Mike’s going to feel exploited at the end of TLC’s docu-reality series. He’s being used by his fiance and a cable network. Although, honestly, he should have seen the latter coming.

90 Day Fiance is as fake as Secret Princes, but it’s easy to get sucked into watching because it’s an intriguing concept. TLC’s just not going to provide any sort of reliable narrative on the subject matter, which is unfortunate because it’s important for viewers to see an accurate portrayal.

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  1. Russ’s mom was rude to Paola and will be sorry if they end up getting married and having her grandkids. Paola needs to get a job and they both need to move directly into an apartment – or it doesn’t have a chance of working out. After googling, it appears that Russian women can’t get anything BUT a fiance visit so not really a red flag. I don’t think Mike should not have sent her $. They have no chemistry. Makes me sad for him. It’s obvious why Alan doesn’t have a g-friend. He’s a jealous control freak. She’ll marry him now but won’t stay with him and put up with that once she finally grows up. She’s not some prize mare he bought at the county fair and can keep locked up in a stable and doesn’t deserve to be made to feel bad for being pretty and sweet. He has a lot of growing up to do.

    • Do you remember when Alan took Kirylam to get her hair and make up done to see how she would like it to be for the wedding and they told her how beautiful she was and referred her to the model agent and when she told Alan he wasn’t to impressed.. he said he didn’t need anyone influencing her. He is I dunno ..there’s something about him that’s creepy. Like you said it’s like his prize and he’s going to mold her to how he wants her. It wouldn’t surprise me if he locked her in the basement to keep her out of the outside world, all to him self. She’s very beautiful and he’s well creepy. I do hope that maybe he seems like this just on TV and not in real non tv life.
      I do hope the best for all couples! πŸ™‚

  2. roscos.crazygirl

    19 hours ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! But I don’t feel like the editors really allow us to get to know the couples too much. There are too many couples and not enough “camera time” to really get into each couple. Plus it seems that at the start of each show, they repeat scenes to much at the start of the show. I would love to be able to see more of the couples in depth.

    I don’t think Aziza, really likes Mike, and kind of makes me wonder about her. Not sure if its just how they edited the show and that’s why it came across like she is. I think its odd her eating issues, plus she is 21. But I don’t see good things for those two. And they said on the show that she tried to get a work visa to the US and got denied and then she decided that her and Mike should get serious. Plus just the way she comes across around him, his family, etc seems more then just getting settled.

    My two favorite couples are Russ and Paola, and Alan and Kirlyam. From the show I don’t know if Russ in the long run will be able to handle Paola’s out going personality, and quirks. I think he is kinda a mommas boy, and from what I have seen 3 shows in, he seems like he likes to be seen with a beautiful woman, and likes the attention, but I don’t know. I hope they make it because I love Paola and her energy and watching her. Maybe they could get their own spin off show?? lol I think she is spunky and fun enough to capture peoples attention. And Kirlyam is so cute and sweet and it is so fun to watch her experience new things. Its almost like a child getting new toys, and learning new things. I think her and Alan make a cute couple. But this last show it seems he is a bit insecure about her modeling, and along in the first show with her johnny deep attraction.

    Also, Louis, and Aya..WHEW where to start. I really think Aya has a good head on her shoulders, but Louis really needs to grow a back bone and tell his ex wife Toyna that yes, she is still the mom of their boys, but she needs to butt out, and worry about herself. I really think she overstepped the bounds when they all went out to dinner and shes talking to Aya about if she is on birth control, and Louis says right away “she is on birth control” I was like WHAT!?%# Louis really should have told Toyna right then and there to back off and its none of her business. It shows Toyna’s husband there, so she has moved on in her life and needs to butt out. Its one thing to want to meet the other person that is going to be in you childs life,but a while other ball game to try and run the two adults life and relationship. Just crazy, and Louis is going to have issues getting close to ANY woman when he lets his ex dictate and run things like that. When it showed those boys jumping and thrashing on the bed like they were I was waiting on Luis to step up and tell the boys to knock it off, because they are both way to big to be rough housing and jumping on the bed like that. Also it shows them running around and hitting things and playing way to rough to be acting like that indoors, and its their parents job to teach them and tell them to knock it off!! And Louis made the comment that they do that and act like that for hours on end, and unless one of them gets hurt, there is nothing for him to do, but go in another room and watch tv. I was like “what the hell” they are acting like animals, and you could tell that Aya didn’t know what to think, or say and she knew that the boys should not be acting like that, but what could she do?? I don’t see them working out. I wish Aya could of maybe found Mike that’s with Aziza would have been a better match for each other. imo.

    But I cant wait to keep watching. I do have some questions, how do visas, or citizenship work?? If they get married, and after they are married for a certain period of time, can they then apply for visa’s and then bring their families over to the US as well?? I am curious about how that part works. And I don’t understand the people, such as Mikes family, and as well as that Toyna girl talk about and say things like “oh she just wants to get married to you to get her visa. What is the big deal about getting a visa?? I mean, I understand that they will get to live and work for good in the United States, but what is the big deal about that?? I am sure some countries are not the greatest to live and work in, and some governments most likely surpress womans rights, but I don’t get why someone would want to leave their whole family behind just to be able to live and work in the US. I would love to know your thoughts and feelings on that because I was born in the US and lived here all my life, so I might not understand that part as well as others whom have not.

    • I can’t answer why people from other countries want to come here because I’m also an American, who has lived in the states all my life.

      The visa applications and process varies based on which country the person immigrating is from. It’s next to impossible to sort it out without starting with one country and researching the process from there. It’s easier for someone from the UK to get a visa than it is for someone from Russia. As for citizenship, the Wikipedia page provides a lot of information without taking days to read.

    • Hi Alison and Jamey, to answer your question (why people from other countries want to come here) there are a lot of people in US that would say because US is the best place to live in the whole wide world. I am just here for my husband though, but I’ve had my share of suspected as scam etc. In reality, the process for K1 visa (the visa they use to come in the show) is pretty tight and difficult; and it’s a not a see-if-you-want-to-get-married visa. I have full detail on my blog should you wish to know more, but I can tell you now that as a previous 90 Days Fiance myself the show is horribly distorted.

      • Ary,

        First of all, everyone should read this post on your blog: http://kucinghitamjalanjalan.blogspot.com/2014/02/confession-of-90-days-fiancee-for-real.html. It is really insightful. I was hoping someone like you would reply and educate me, since I don’t know much about the process.

        I knew 90 Day Fiance was horribly distorted, which is why I only bothered to watch the first episode. The little bit I knew (my aunt came to the US to marry my uncle) made me dislike the show. The women they chose were really shady. It seems like you were happy in Indonesia and are happy here, but for two completely different reasons.

        Thank you for your reply.

    • I really really love your comments!!!!
      We think so alike with this show.
      Where do I start? Lol I guess in order with yours.
      I Also have posted 2 other comments here that you can read my opinions Also. And if you go on TLC 90 day fiance website they have updates on all 4 couples.
      I’m gonna make my tea to wake up as and then I shall return to make my comments about your comments!

  3. Off topic alert! I’m Ary’s husband πŸ™‚ I think it’s silly that Ary didn’t mention that we both love her country so much that we are going to live there for the next three months. Indonesia was the only place I felt a deep connection to nature and I actually started to feel a sense of something profound… (I dunno, maybe a God?) I know that sounds crazy, but for an atheist it’s a big deal and I want to go explore the feeling more. I still feel parts of that place calling to me in a way that I can’t explain. It feels silly just talking about it. When I returned to USA after my travels, my country (that I do love dearly) just feels like a big facade… especially out here in Orange County. Just so fake. Life in Indonesia is about as real as it gets. It can be hardcore if you haven’t seen much in life.
    At any rate, I still maintain that we didn’t get chosen for that show because we are so much in love and the audience would find that too mushy and boring. I made a website with lots of juicy details about our relationship in the event that USCIS needed further proof that what we have is genuine (plus, I was pretty stoked I found a woman who loved me and I didn’t have an available mountain to shout from). I’d like to share it with you:

    • Just from reading Ary’s comment, it was clear the two of you loved each other and for her it wasn’t about coming to the United States. I got the feeling she was living here because you can’t live as a couple in two places at once. Thank you both for sharing your story. Good luck in Indonesia.

  4. 90 day fiance was very addictive to watch. It’s one of those shows that are not so great but yet you just can’t stop watching it. Out of all 4 couples this how favorite they are to me (did this make sense cause it did in my head)
    1. Kirylam & Alan (creepy Alan)
    2. Paola & Russ ($$ cha-ching$$)
    Russ is very hot!!!! πŸ˜‰
    3. Mike & Aziza ( Mike! Are you blind or really desperate for love? You are a decent looking guy with alot of extra pounds, but I know you could have found a wife who would love you.
    **I’ll brb to finish my comments **

  5. so how can these couples prove that their relationships are genuine if it is half-scripted? just asking πŸ˜€

    • The chosen couples are genuine indeed, you have to be if you want to actually get the fiancee visa to travel to US. Been there, done that. It is an arduous process I tell you. The whole drama on TV, however, most likely half-scripted. Judging from the time frame these couples probably already married/registered in the civil office and enlist the wives for green card even before the show is aired.

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