Awesomely Inappropriate Game Show Answers

Game shows are my second favorite genre. There’s nothing quite like a contestants spontaneous response. Most of the time, contestant’s give normal answers. However, every once in a while you get responses that are either a joke or one that makes the contestant realize that yes, they did say that out loud. Here is a list of my favorites.

5. Jeopardy! – Ho

4. Family Fortunes– Dirty Mags

3. Wheel of Fortune– A Group of Pill Pushers

2. Family Fortunes– Best Way to Toast People

This one you have to go digging for, but it’s worth watching the whole montage.

1. The Newlywed Game‘s True Urban Legend

The “In the butt, Bob” urban legend was true, even though no one remembered it accurately.

Bonus Video:

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I am the Toastmasters District 83 Public Relations manager and President of Freehold Phrasers.

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