The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Review

Last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead left everyone feeling impatient for the next episode. Full of intense drama, fans of the show have to wait a grueling seven months until the next episode. All of the pieces were laid down since the beginning of the season, and put most of them together last night. There are still some things that need to be answered. Most notably, where are Carol, Tyreese and Beth? The finale proved that season four certainly made up for season two.

The episode seemed to reinforce the concept that people are the real enemy during a zombie apocalypse. We see Rick, Michonne and Carl avoiding walkers, but the only time their lives were in danger was when other people were involved. First, we see Daryl’s new group of friends finding Rick. Fans like myself were right in figuring out that they are the group from the comics called “The Hunters”. They are upset that Rick killed one of their men when they took over his home. Because The Hunters follow a Hammurabian code (eye for an eye), they feel like they are justified to kill Rick for killing their friend. Daryl comes in to save the day and pleads with the leader, Joe, that they are good people.

Last week, we learned that they think lying is punishable by death. Joe states that Daryl is lying and has his men beat him to death. Then he proceeds to tell Rick that they are going to not only rape Michonne but also Carl, then kill them and leave Rick for last. Rick isn’t going to let that happen, so he fights back. If the audience thought that Rick had gone soft when he left a life of violence to pursue a life of peaceful farming in the prison, they were proven wrong last night. In a truly disturbing scene that involves the almost rape of a child, Rick kills Joe by biting him in the jugular. Yeah, it really happened.

Viewers have been a little wary about Terminus. For good reason too, because there has been foreshadowing that it’s a trap. If Rick teaching Carl how to set up snares so that “any animals going by will have to run this way, right into the trap” isn’t blatant foreshadowing, then I don’t know the point of that scene. At the very end of last week’s episode, Maggie, Glenn, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita made it to Terminus. We all got some creepy vibes from the woman who greeted them, Mary. Everyone pretty much said that the people in Terminus are cannibals. It’s not a bad theory since cannibalism in the comics and the video game.

It wasn’t exactly confirmed, but it was heavily implied. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carl sneak into the back of Terminus. They are about to join the barbeque when Rick notices people wearing familiar things. We see Glenn’s backpack, Daryl/Maggie’s poncho, and protective gear from the prison. Rick then points a gun at a man with Glenn’s pocket watch, insisting that he tells him where he got it. Then a whole gunfight breaks out. While they are running through Terminus, we hear calls for help, a stack of probably human remains but no animals. Unless they are grilling portabella mushrooms, the meat is probably people.The last moments of the episode show Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl being forced to go into a rail car. Although they are called “the ringleader” “the archer” and “the samurai”, because remembering their names would make them too familiar. Remember at the beginning of the season when Rick told Carl not to name the pigs so he didn’t get too attached? They are reunited with Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and Bob in the railcar. Which was a relief to find out that they weren’t dinner.

What upset the fans the most was the last line of the episode. Rick tells everyone in the car that the people of Terminus are going to feel stupid because “they’re fucking with the wrong people”. Well that was the line from the comics, which everyone agreed was incredibly badass. Except, the show changed it to “screwing with the wrong people”, which everyone agreed was kind of lame. Now, this channel aired Breaking Bad, which was allowed to drop an f-bomb every season. Why can’t The Walking Dead do the same? We just watched a grown man attempt to rape a teenage boy and Rick take a bite out of someone’s neck within a span of two minutes but saying “fuck” is just too much. Aside from that, a lot of fans throughly enjoyed the episode as well as season four. Hopefully showrunner Scott M. Gimple stays on for more seasons because this was the best season since its first. It will definitely be worth waiting seven months.

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