Selfie Meet Pop Culture Cliches

Have you ever watched a show and realized it was bad three minutes into the pilot episode? If not, watch Selfie you’ll be in for quite an experience. Everyone else should avoid this show. What could’ve been a clever commentary on millennials’ being so obsessed with social media that they forget to live in the moment, manages to fail and make you dislike the main character Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan). You know, the person you’re supposed to be rooting for.

As someone around Eliza’s age, I want to slap her. She was unpopular in school, so she thought having thousands of Facebook friends and Instagram followers would make her feel better. Eliza thinks everyone thought she was “butt” as a child, when it was really just an awkward stage. In her head, she’s now the popular girl. Sure, Eliza’s pretty and successful, but none of her coworkers like her and clients only buy products from her because she knows her way around a miniskirt.

Since Selfie isn’t much more than a modern version of My Fair Lady, Henry Higgs  (John Cho) is tasked with making Eliza over and turning her into a decent human being. One problem: Henry isn’t much likable. He knows how to navigate social settings, but is cold, distant, and married to his job. Despite his flaws, Henry is able to coerce Eliza into taking an interest in other people.

Initially, Eliza reluctantly interacts with people. Henry brings Eliza to a coworkers wedding, which appears to be the breakthrough. Eliza starts crying during the vows. Not knowing how to react to actual feelings, Eliza immediately pulls out her cell phone. Even though it makes Eliza seem rude and uncaring, her cell phone is nothing more than a security blanket: something to comfort her and make her feel special. This leads to a big argument with Henry, during which Eliza tells him that her cell phone occupies her during boring things and that Google revealed his ex-girlfriend’s blog about him. They call each other terrible people and walk out of the chapel.

In the next scene, Eliza acknowledges a person and it’s pointed out to her. She realizes she needs Henry, so she runs to his house and knocks on his window. He ignores her. Adamant about needing his help to become a better person, Eliza yells her feelings through the window. For a few minutes, this is how they conduct the conversation. Eventually, Henry comes out of his house, they sit on his step, and apologize to each other. Presumably, the rest of the series will be about how Eliza teaches Henry to love and Henry teaches Eliza how to pass as someone who isn’t a self-absorbed internet-obsessed brat.

Selfie could get much better. Gillian and Cho are both very talented actors, which is why there’s some hope for the show. However, this particular show should’ve been smothered in its crib. Selfie is aimed toward girls exactly like Eliza, who will be oblivious to the irony that they like a show that makes fun of them. Let Eliza clones enjoy the show. Everyone else should run from it as fast as possible.

Our friends at have a more favorable view of Selfie.

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