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Welcome to Wait! What’s A Dial?

At Wait! What’s A Dial?, you will read a twenty-something year old’s opinion on TV. As someone who is studying radio/television/film and journalism in college, I hope to give the opinion of a young person, who actually knows what they’re talking about.

I have a particular fondness for late night television. I love Jimmy Fallon, Conan, David Letterman, Johnny Carson, and Steve Allen. (Yes, I’ve actually watched the latter two men.)

My favorite shows are anything with Steve Allen, David Letterman Hogan’s Heroes (don’t judge), The Monkees (cute boys), Burns and Allen, The Jack Benny Program, Good Eats, and British panel shows.

Current shows that I watch are America’s Got Talent (because it reminds me of the Gong Show, again don’t judge), Law & Order, and sometimes 30 Rock.

-Allison Lips

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