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You Have Been Watching You Have Been Watching

This week I’m going to introduce my fellow American’s to a new British panel or comedy show everyday.

The last panel show for the week is You Have Been Watching, which has three panelists and host Charlie Brooker discuss various television shows. It aired on Channel 4 for two series.

In the following video, Charlie Brooker, Germaine Greer, Frank Skinner, and Frankie Boyle discuss the worldwide phenomenon of Deal or No Deal. Warning it contains swearing.

Foreign Friday: Newswipe

Every Friday, I post a clip from a country other than the United States.

This week’s clip is from Britain. Comedian Charlie Brooker, who’s a combination of 80s David Letterman and Jon Stewart, hosts BBC Four’s Newswipe. The segment How to Report the News hits the nail on the head when it comes to television news and the way it presents stories.

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