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Cool TV Video of the Day: Rowan Atkinson Spoofs Classic ‘Doctor Who’

Comic Relief is a charity that helps raise money for the poor. Every odd-numbered year in March, people in the UK celebrate Red Nose Day. This is a semi-holiday created by Comic Relief where people get a foam red nose in exchange for a donation. Most donations occur during the live telethon, which is famous for its hilarious comedy sketches.

Naturally, most people anticipated a Doctor Who sketch because it is pretty much a telethon staple. In 2011, Rowan Atkinson poked fun at classic Doctor Who in this clip.

Margaret Thatcher on Yes, Minister

Yes, Minister is an excellent show. Real prime ministers are not sitcom writers or actors. What happens when you put the two together? Margaret Thatcher’s poor attempt at trying to appear approachable on what is said to have been her favorite show. Fortunately, the following sketch was never part of a real Yes, Minister episode.

After the jump is a sketch done for Comic Relief that has Minister Jim Hacker asking the British public to donate money.

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