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‘Go On’ Shoots and Scores

Only two episodes into the series, Go On has already exceeded expectations. When Matthew Perry says that the show has heart, he means it. His character, Ryan King, just wants to grieve his wife’s death and help people at the Transitions therapy group in the process.

In the second episode of Go On, viewers find out that Ryan forces his assistant, Carrie, to work late just so he does not have to go home to an empty house. Carrie is clearly worn down because she has not had a social life in weeks. She wants to help Ryan, but needs a life of her own. When Ryan finally allows Carrie to have a social life, he invites himself to Carrie’s girls’ nights out. Ryan clearly has problems that he should not be imposing on Carrie. However, the man just lost his wife, so it is hard to get angry with him. Eventually, Ryan and Carrie set boundaries.

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Cool Video of the Day: A Behind The Scenes Look At Seinfeld

Today’s video is an Inside Look at a well-known Seinfeld episode, which is included as a special feature on the first DVD box set. The episode, “The Chinese Restaurant”, is from season 2 of Seinfeld and is widely regarded as the show’s first “classic” episode. The half hour revolved around Jerry, George, and Elaine waiting to get a table at a Chinese restaurant so they can make it to a movie. This was the first episode of Seinfeld that placed such a heavy emphasis on the minutiae of daily life.

As the video will tell you, NBC did not want this episode produced. They thought it was going to bomb. Seinfeld had yet to come into its own and the network didn’t want the show to take such a risk. Little did they know, “The Chinese Restaurant” would go down as one of the greatest episodes of one of the greatest sitcoms ever.

Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled, so click through to see the video. It will be worth it.

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