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Newspapers Want To Be On NBC Reality Show

According to The New York Times, NBC thinks it can help print journalism, which is in dire straights, with a reality show. For some reason, small town newspapers believe it. While  small town newspapers are  a bastion of quirkiness, the fact that NBC told The New York Times that 150 of them responded to a casting call in 10 days is baffling. Any self-respecting newspaper would never agree to be on a reality show, mainly because someone on the staff has actually sat through an episode of Jersey Shore.

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Sharon Osbourne is Leaving America’s Got Talent

After a dispute with NBC involving her son, Sharon Osbourne has decided to quit America’s Got Talent. Obsourne has been with AGT for six years. Her reasons for leaving NBC may be justified, but another change is going to be hard to handle. Sharon Obsourne wasn’t a great judge. She was too lenient with the contestants, even the terrible ones. She always wanted to be nice to the contestants and apologetic to the ones who had no talent. It may not have been reasonable, but it was part of the show. The AGT judge panel thrived on polarity. The other judges’ harsher personas have been at odds with Osbourne for her entire tenure. It was always good television.  The classic arguments will be gone. The instinct of telling the men to “behave” will be gone. Howie Mandel is about to become AGT’s longest tenured judge and he has only been on the show for three out of its seven years. There is a huge possibility that a lot of the entertainment value will be gone from the show once Osbourne departs. Of course, it all depends on who replaces her, which has yet to be determined.

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