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Top 5 Holiday TV Favorites

Christmas Day is filled with marathons of A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life, which gets old fast. Instead of sitting back and watching the same movie over and over again, take a look at What! What’s a Dial?‘s Top 5 Holiday Favorites.

5. Letterman Quarterback Challenge

In 1998, David Letterman and Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde tossed footballs at a meatball placed on top of the Late Show Christmas tree. Testaverde was unable to knock the football off. However, comedian Jay Thomas came from the green room and knocked the football off in one shot. This led to the tradition of Jay Thomas going on the Late Show and telling the story of his encounter with the Lone Ranger, which always precedes the annual Quarterback Challenge.

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Cool TV Video of the Day: Niles Dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll

In The Nanny‘s second season episode “Canasta Masta,” Niles is alone in the Sheffield and starts rocking out to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Check out The Nanny‘s clever homage to Risky Business.

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