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The Traditional Television Set is Not Going Anywhere

dial logoWith the proliferation of tablets and the ability to watch television on your phone, there is a fear in the television industry that the traditional television sets are going away. While it is true that Hulu, Nexflix, and Amazon Prime are giving broadcast and cable networks are run for their money, that doesn’t mean people are going to ditch the giant 50 inch television currently occupying their living room wall. People are ditching their cable companies, not their television sets.

Sure, there are going to be a few people who own tablets, computers, and smartphones that won’t replace their television when it breaks, but they are in the minority. Right now, people are opting for Roku boxes or Google Chromcast, so that they can stream television and movies on their TV set. No one really wants to sit on their couch hunched over their tablet. Because of television’s bigger screen, it is more comfortable to watch. A tablet or smartphone is useful for a long plane or bus ride, but not for those who are only watching television in their house.

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