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Ann Curry Leaves Today

It’s official. Ann Curry has left Today, but not NBC. This morning’s show was Curry’s last as co-anchor with Matt Lauer.

USA Today reports that Curry’s new multi-year contract will have her traveling the world with a seven-person crew. She will also produce specials and segments for all of NBC’s news programs as well as be a fill in anchor for the Nightly News. Her new official title is Anchor-at-large and NBC national/international correspondent.

I think that the new position fits Curry better because she prefers hard news. I just wish the official announcement that she was leaving Today this morning came before the show aired, since I missed Ann saying goodbye. However, NBC has posted the video up on

Despite rumors that Savannah Guthrie will be Today‘s new co-anchor, NBC still has not announced Curry’s replacement.

What do you think about NBC decision?


NBC May Replace Ann Curry on Today

Despite being with Today since 1997, Ann Curry has only co-hosted the NBC show for a year. However, The New York Times reports that Curry is on the way out and may be gone before the Olympics, if not as early as next week. Once she leaves Today, Curry may become foreign correspondent for NBC.

Prior to Ann Curry’s takeover as co-host to Matt Lauer, Today had been number one in the ratings for 17 years. Since Curry moved from the news desk, Today and ABC’s Good Morning America take turns, almost on a weekly basis, as the highest rated morning show.

While I feel bad for Curry because she is apparently losing her dream job, I hope she because a foreign correspondent because she is better suited for that role, especially since some reports say that some aspects of daytime television clash with her journalistic sensibilities.

Will you miss Ann Curry? Let us know in the comments!

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