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Cool TV Video of the Day: This is Your Life

Earlier today, I wrote about ABC’s Trust Us With Your Life, which is clearly influenced by This is Your Life. Both shows have celebrities discuss their life in front of an audience. However, This is Your Life surprised celebrities with people from their past and revealed information that the famous person might not have wanted to reveal. Needless to say, many stars did not want to participate in the program and those who were forced to participate resented it. Even, Ralph Edwards, who was the host, did not want his life revealed on television. Legend has it that Edwards threatened to quit if the staff ever tried to turn the tables on him.

NBC aired This is Your Life from 1952-1961. The episode with Dick Clark is presented below in three parts, two of which are after the jump.

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Trust Us With Your Life or Not

ABC‘s Trust Us with Your Life is easy to forget about because it’s on Tuesday nights, which are dominated by America’s Got Talent. I thought this was the debut of Trust Us with Your Life, it was actually the second week and the third and fourth episodes of the series aired.

Trust Us with Your Life is essentially a rehash of Whose Line is it Anyway? meets a really bad talk show. The show’s not terrible, but I could have lived without it. The guests add nothing, except tell wacky stories that are acted out by the cast. The entire cast is talented, but are limited in trying to be somewhat faithful to the celebrities memory. The two shows also pretty much share the same cast, which I am convinced has nothing better to do than to make poor imitations of their most successful show. Only this time they did it sans Drew Carey and added Jonathan Magnum and Fred Willard.

Despite the surprise absence of Drew Carey, not having anything to do with him was the best decision the producers could have made. It is the best attempt to recreate Whose Line is it Anyway? so far, but that’s not saying much. Past attempts at recreating the magic in Whose Line? revolved around Carey, so much so that his name was in the title of the two previous improv shows with the same cast: Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show and Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza. Both shows were terrible and didn’t even make it past a season, which is a fate Trust Us will probably share. When done well, these type of shows work best in America after 11pm.  However, the only improv show that has worked so far is Whose Line is it Anyway?.  Will someone please make Whose Line 2.0, so the fans no longer have to sit through poor imitations?

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