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Howie Mandel Does the Watusi

First things first: Why does this exist? I love Howie Mandel, but “I Do the Watusi” makes no sense. You may hate me for this, but just watch it.

The video is so bad, it’s good or just bad. I can’t decide, if I am laughing because its funny or because I can’t believe I’m watching it. When Howie says, “I’ve got some questions.” I’m thinking the same thing. Only they don’t go off in whatever zany direction inspires, “What do you do if you receive three harpoons from France?” and “What do you do if you find 42 vacation brochures in your underpants?”

I didn’t grow up in the 80s, so I have no idea what would possess Howie to make this video.

Money, you say? Ok, it has to be money.

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