Introducing Our Newest Blogger: Jeremy Einbinder

I’m Jeremy and I am majoring in Radio/Television/Film at Rowan University. I have an interest in sitcoms and stand up. My favorite show lately is Community. 

I hope to work in TV production or writing of some kind once I graduate. This is my first time working on a blog, but since it is about television, I feel like I’m in my element. I will always have a strong opinion and a unique perspective, one that usually differs from that of the general public. Sometimes things thought of as good, even exceptional, tend to bore me. Other times, TV thought of as horrible tends to hold my attention. It could be that I genuinely like it or because it’s a car crash I can’t turn away from.

Regardless, I’m excited to find my voice and to put my name out there. I will continue to be an outspoken contributor. Whether you like it or you hate it, I’m going to be doing the job.

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