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The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Prank War

This week, America’s Next Top Model was jam-packed with tears and pranks. Marvin, the mastermind of the prank wars, plotted with Don and Jeremy. They want to throw the girls off their game, so they tape the girl’s shoes and underwear onto the walls. Kanani says “It’s a boy on girl war,” and Renee agrees by wanting to get back at the guys and show them whose boss.

Kelly Cutrone, PR maven and one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model, tells the models that they will be creating a shoot for Emerson clothing. The trend is using living photography by following the rules of “random acts of modeling.” Random acts of modeling is a term used for taking pictures of everyday tasks, but posing to make the photo look editorial. The three captains for this challenge were Corey, Kanani, and Don, since they had the top 3 photos from last week. This challenge certainly brought a lot of confusion when it came to working in groups. As Chris points out “there’s a lot of chiefs and not enough Indians.” Even though Kanani is not a real fan of Jourdan’s, Kanani felt it was best to have Jourdan on her team, because she is such a strong competitor. Jourdan apologizes to Renee and Kanani for the way she’s been acting. Kanani accepts her apology but is still keeping her eye out on her. Kanani’s team won the competition, which gives these three girls a better chance of remaining in the competition.

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Perez Hilton Visits “America’s Next Top Model”

The competition on America’s Next Top Model is heating up. This week, contestants were given the chance to talk to their loved ones. All 12 of the contestants had to split one hour among themselves with the winner of last week’s best photo, Jourdan, receiving 10 minutes. Jourdan abuses the privilege by talking to her boyfriend for over ten minutes and other members of the house understandably get annoyed.

Everyone feels that Jourdan is top dog on America’s Next Top Model because she has been getting high praise lately from the judges and abuses her privileges. Of course, contestants get annoyed at Jeremy as well. He likes Jourdan, will defend her, and everyone knows it.

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Introducing Our Newest Blogger: Jeremy Einbinder

I’m Jeremy and I am majoring in Radio/Television/Film at Rowan University. I have an interest in sitcoms and stand up. My favorite show lately is Community. 

I hope to work in TV production or writing of some kind once I graduate. This is my first time working on a blog, but since it is about television, I feel like I’m in my element. I will always have a strong opinion and a unique perspective, one that usually differs from that of the general public. Sometimes things thought of as good, even exceptional, tend to bore me. Other times, TV thought of as horrible tends to hold my attention. It could be that I genuinely like it or because it’s a car crash I can’t turn away from.

Regardless, I’m excited to find my voice and to put my name out there. I will continue to be an outspoken contributor. Whether you like it or you hate it, I’m going to be doing the job.

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