The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Prank War

This week, America’s Next Top Model was jam-packed with tears and pranks. Marvin, the mastermind of the prank wars, plotted with Don and Jeremy. They want to throw the girls off their game, so they tape the girl’s shoes and underwear onto the walls. Kanani says “It’s a boy on girl war,” and Renee agrees by wanting to get back at the guys and show them whose boss.

Kelly Cutrone, PR maven and one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model, tells the models that they will be creating a shoot for Emerson clothing. The trend is using living photography by following the rules of “random acts of modeling.” Random acts of modeling is a term used for taking pictures of everyday tasks, but posing to make the photo look editorial. The three captains for this challenge were Corey, Kanani, and Don, since they had the top 3 photos from last week. This challenge certainly brought a lot of confusion when it came to working in groups. As Chris points out “there’s a lot of chiefs and not enough Indians.” Even though Kanani is not a real fan of Jourdan’s, Kanani felt it was best to have Jourdan on her team, because she is such a strong competitor. Jourdan apologizes to Renee and Kanani for the way she’s been acting. Kanani accepts her apology but is still keeping her eye out on her. Kanani’s team won the competition, which gives these three girls a better chance of remaining in the competition.

Chris continues to play the victim card. He constantly mentions that he is feeling attacked by the others in the house and hates when people roll their eyes at him or they just give a sigh. Nina, who is his closest friend, gets upset and feels burden by him. If Nina continues to feel this way, she will not stay in the competition that much longer. The last thing she needs is for her complicated relationship with Chris to throw her off her game.

Emotions begin to escalate when the boys begin to continue pulling jokes out on the girls. You would think taping underwear and shoes to the wall is enough, but no they want to go further than that. Seriously, how far is too far? The boys know that Kanani has a fear of clowns. She gets petrified, feels like she is going to die, and gets hives whenever she thinks about them. When the boys thought it was funny to pull a joke on her with a clown, tears started streaming down her face. This was certainly no laughing matter. Being huddled in a fetal position under the cover was her safety blanket; it gave her a sense of comfort. All this craziness is what led her to need an inhaler. The guys should have apologized then and there instead of laughing that the prank was a success. No one should stoop to that level, especially when someone’s fear can get the best of her. This can affect her performance in the photo shoot and can risk her being sent home.

The photo shoot was all about nails. The contestants are finally able to pose by themselves. Girls have the advantage of being use to wearing nails and can easily sell nails, guys aren’t so lucky. They’re not known for it. Chris tried to apologize to Nina, but she just decides to ignore him and give him the silent treatment.

This week’s photographer, Franco LaCosta was very hardcore.  He kept saying in a strong accent “I need you on cue. Do your job.” He even clapped his hands to tell the waiting contestants to remain silent. None of the contestants could understand him, so the viewers were, fortunately, given much needed subtitles.

Kanani and Jeremy were the two contestants who seemed to have the hardest time with this task. Kanani’s anxiety over the clown fiasco certainly got the better of her. Her nerves and fear made it into her photos. Even though her team won the challenge and she received a 9, there is a good possibility she could be sent home if the fans don’t enjoy her picture. Jeremy also was stumbling in the photo shoot because he was getting easily distracted by his crush, Jourdan.  Jourdan mentioned that Jeremy can be obsessive and hearing that got him annoyed. People were mentioning that he needs to step it up during competition or he won’t be seeing next week.

Tyra told Corey and Marvin that they made her proud. Tyra mentions to the others “it’s important to show your neck, your limbs, your length.” Best photo this week was none other than Jourdan. Marvin takes the runner up spot. Instead of having a bottom two this week, they had a bottom three: Phil, Kanani, and Jeremy. Two people are going home Now their fate relies on the fans.

With a low percentage of fan votes, Jeremy gets eliminated first. He feels he has disappointed his mom, who got him on the show. Kanani was the next to leave the competition. When Kanani hears the devastating news, she kneels and cries in disbelief. She feel like she let herself and her one year old daughter as well. Tyra gets on her knees to hug Kanani and says, “It’s important to take your anger and frustration out because it only makes you that much stronger of a model.”  When Kanani walks over to her friends, Don is the first to hug her and apologizes for the clowns. Everyone knew that her daughter was depending on Kanani and because of this little prank, it cost her everything she had.

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