Perez Hilton Visits “America’s Next Top Model”

The competition on America’s Next Top Model is heating up. This week, contestants were given the chance to talk to their loved ones. All 12 of the contestants had to split one hour among themselves with the winner of last week’s best photo, Jourdan, receiving 10 minutes. Jourdan abuses the privilege by talking to her boyfriend for over ten minutes and other members of the house understandably get annoyed.

Everyone feels that Jourdan is top dog on America’s Next Top Model because she has been getting high praise lately from the judges and abuses her privileges. Of course, contestants get annoyed at Jeremy as well. He likes Jourdan, will defend her, and everyone knows it.

Social media correspondent Bryan Boy and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton announce that this week’s challenge is to be media correspondents and that they are going to be telling the models what to say via an earpiece. One prime example is with Jeremy, they ask him to take his clothes off, including his pants, and he went for it. Another contestant, Marvin wasn’t comfortable with the task at hand and it showed. Perez mentioned that “Marvin is bombing so hard right now.”

After the challenge was completed, Perez told the contestants that that he was disappointed with the women. Jeremy won the challenge because he rolled with the punches and had “gusto” as Perez would point out. The winner gets a romantic dinner date so of course he takes his crush, Jourdan, out for a nice evening. As Corey said, “I love her (Jourdan) as a model but I hate her as a person.” That’s probably because everyone feels threatened by her, since she is leading the competition.

The photo shoot for this week was a sexy fragrance commercial. The girls dressed up as guys and the guys dressed up as girls. Johnny Wujek, who was on set during the photo shoots, tells the contestants that they have to end the commercial with a passionate kiss. Everyone is happy with this shoot, because of the making out element, and the chemistry between the models. It was a real slop fest. Marvin licked Renee’s face clean, as if a dog was using its long tongue all over her. Does anyone know if it was suppose to be a turn on or a turn off? It was disgusting.

It’s important to win enough points to be noticed, especially because the fans’ votes are so critical. Everyone challenges themselves to see how far they will go to push their limits. Maybe going a little too far in somethings is part of that. After all, fashion is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Corey won best photo. Kanani was the runner up. The bottom two for this week were Alexandra and Jiana. Sadly, Alexandra was the next to be sent home and is no longer in the running of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

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