Shark Week Begins

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Discovery‘s Shark Week, which begins tonight. Over the course of the week, Discover will air 9 specials about the eponymous sea creature.

Here is the complete schedule:

Sunday, August 12
9pm Air Jaws Apocalypse
Shark expert Chris Fallows and producer Jeff Kurr chronicle the life of great white sharks around Seal Island, South Africa. The special focuses on Colossus, who dominates the other sharks in the area. The team also captures dozens of great whites hanging in shallow water eating.

10pm Shark Week’s Impossible Shots
Shark Week’s Impossible shots features wildlife cameramen fighting against time, bad weather, and bad luck to film a previously uncaptured view of a great white shark’s Polaris breach, which is no easy task. The only way to find out whether or not Andy Casagrande and his team were successful is to watch.

Monday, August 13
9pm Sharkzilla
A team of engineers, paleontologists, and the MythBusters gang work together to recreate the prehistoric Megalodon, a 60-foot long shark that weighted at least 100,000 pounds, with the goal of finding out how much damage this shark’s giant 6-feet-wide and 8-feet-tall jaw could inflict.

10pm MythBusters’ Jawsome Shark Special
Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman count down their top 25 shark myths. The special also features previously unseen footage.

Tuesday, August 14
9pm How Jaws Changed the World
How Jays Changed the World evaluates the movie’s impact on the way people view sharks. It explores why some people killed great white sharks, while others became fascinated and decided to study shark science.

10pm 47 Days with Sharks
During WWII, an American plane performing a routine search and rescue mission crashed into shark-infested waters. 47 Days with Sharks covers the two soldiers troublesome time at sea as well as the even bigger problems they experience once they got to land.

Wednesday, August 15
9pm Shark Fight
Shark Fight introduces audiences to survivors of shark attacks, who now dedicate their lives to saving the very animal that attacked them.

Thursday, August 16
9pm Great White Highway
Scientist from Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station track the great white sharks that visit it Monterey Bay to find out more about the sharks lives and why California is such a big stop for them.

10pm Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites
YouTube celebrity Philip De Franco presents this compilation of Shark Week’s 25 greatest moments. The special also features behind-the-scenes footage.


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