Episodes: Matt Gains Weight And Beverly Tries To Move On

Episodes doesn’t have to have a complicated story in order to be funny. Sometimes the most innocuous issue exaggerated to the point where the story works extremely well. This was the case on Sunday night. The episode opens with Sean and Beverly in a meeting with Merc and Carole. Merc and Carole are their usual passive-aggressive selves and try to act as pleasantly as they can toward the Lincolns. Of course, Sean and Beverly know something is wrong. Carole asks them how they think the show is going even though they clearly don’t care about Sean and Beverly’s perspective. Beverly is smart enough to know that Merc and Carole are only asking so they can say what they think about the show.

Merc and Carole finally reveal that they are concerned that Matt has gained weight. Beverly seems hesitant to respond at first and then says that he might have put on a couple of pounds. This might simply be to appease the network, but it is unclear. Sean more obviously disagrees. He says that he doesn’t see any change in Matt’s weight. Beverly says playfully that Sean doesn’t notice those types of things. This behavior between Sean and Beverly is very curious. After Sean halted their sexual encounter at the end of last week’s show, it’s surprising they are able to so fluidly act like a couple and playfully chide each other. Commenting on personal flaws is not common for a professional relationship, especially in a joking matter.  It is hard to believe that they are so good at putting personal feelings aside. For some reason, they prefer to deny that they want to give their marriage another try. Of course, Sean is terrible at suppressing his pain and Beverly does not even try to hide it. The Lincolns’ dynamic proves that sometimes things are not better left unsaid.

Sean and Beverly are faced with the very unpleasant task of telling Matt that the network said he was gaining weight. Immediately, Matt is defensive and says he has not gained a pound since the start of Pucks!. Sean is very quick to get on Matt’s good side, complementing him and telling him that he agrees. Matt then accuses Beverly of calling him fat, which she quickly denies. She then concedes that it was Merc who told them that Matt was getting fat. Beverly points out the accurate yet totally inappropriate fact that she was “the only person in the room who slept with [him].” This was Beverly’s way of telling Matt he looked good. She asserts that she wasn’t the only one thinking of their encounter, but both Matt and Sean say they were not thinking of it. There were more graceful ways that Beverly could have handled the situation, but it is funnier this way. Matt’s weight gain is something that does not seem like it would hold up as an entire story line, but it does an adequate job. Sean’s awkwardness is most funny when he stares at Matt as he is about to eat a doughnut. After a look of obvious concern, he encourages Matt to eat the doughnut. Matt promptly throws the doughnut in Sean’s face and walks away. Sean then calls Matt fat under his breath.

After the day on set is over, Beverly engages in friendly conversation with Morning’s brother Rob, who Morning urged her to date.  She is pleasantly surprised that Rob is not in show business. They seem to be bonding well. As Rob is about to drive away, Sean walks nearby and Beverly introduces them. Sean says underneath a lot of pain that Rob seems nice. The awkwardness between Sean and Beverly is obvious and, since separating, they don’t want to communicate their feelings even though they clearly still love each other.

The episode continues with Matt and Jamie Lapidus cuddling on Matt’s couch. Matt is obviously distant, so Jamie asks him what’s wrong. He complains about Merc and his alleged weight issue. Jamie is quick to reassure Matt that he looks amazing.  Matt does not find much comfort in this considering that Jamie is blind. Jamie defends herself and argues that her sense of touch is enough. She also contends that an overweight man like Merc telling Matt to lose weight is  like “the pot calling the kettle black.” Matt takes offense to the fact that Jamie  considers him “the kettle.” Jamie leaves in anger and tells Matt to “call [her] when [he] [is] ready to be a person.”

In a desperate effort to move on from Sean, Beverly goes on a date with Rob. On the way, she calls Carole in a panic. Carole reassures her that she will be able to have alcohol and food and that she will be done in two hours. Even so, Beverly is going on her first date in 10 years and she is unspeakably nervous.  One of the highlights of the episode comes in the middle of the date as Beverly’s old work colleague from London notices her in the restaurant. Naturally, he wonders why Sean is not with her. After a very awkward silence, he figures out that Beverly and Sean are no longer together. He is very upset and acts inappropriately, but Beverly’s humiliation makes the scene funny. The pain of the Lincoln’s relationship is revisited when Sean calls during dinner and Beverly has to reveal that she is on a date.

The episode ends with Matt moping alone in his apartment while binge eating and watching old interview footage of himself from the days of Friends. He then makes a call to an unidentified person and apologizes saying that he needs to see her.  The viewer might like to believe he is reconnecting with Jamie, but he is not. He is finding comfort with the one person who has loved him unconditionally throughout his adult life. The doorbell rings and Matt answers to the delight of his stalker, Labia.

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