Cool TV Video of the Day: The Theme to the Poor Man’s Gilligan’s Island

No one thinks Gilligan’s Island was a brilliant television show, so it may come as a surprise that it has a sister show called It’s About Time. Sherwood Schwartz created and produced both shows. The two shows also share similar fish out of water scenarios and expository theme songs. However, It’s About Time lasted only 26 episodes and was soon forgotten because it was repetitive and hard to watch, whereas Gilligan went on to become iconic. Instead of explaining the premise of It’s About Time, since it is all right their in the show’s lyrics, I’ll just let you have a listen.

The lyrics are after the jump.


It’s about time, it’s about space,
About two men in the strangest place.
It’s about time, it’s about flight –
Traveling faster than the speed of light.
This is the tale of the brave crew
As through the barrier of time they flew.
Past a fighting minuteman, past an armored knight,
Past a Roman warrior, to this ancient site.
It’s about caves, cavemen too,
About a time when the earth was new.
Wait’ll they see what is in sight!
Is it good luck or is it good night?
It’s about two astronauts, it’s about their fate,
It’s about a woman and her prehistoric mate.


It’s about time, it’s about space,
About two men in the strangest place.
They will be here right on this spot
No matter if they like it or not.
How will they live in this primitive state?
Will help ever come before it is too late?
Will they ever get away? Watch each week and see!
Will they be returning to the 20th Century?
It’s about time for our goodbyes
To all these prehistoric gals and guys. IT’S ABOUT TIME!

About Allison Lips

I am the Toastmasters District 83 Public Relations manager and President of Freehold Phrasers.

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