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Cool TV Video of the Day: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Full Theme Song Opening

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has one of the most fun theme songs, but most episodes have a some of the verses cut for time. The version of the opening that appears below was only used for the first few episodes.

The lyrics to the full version are after the jump.

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Cool TV Video of the Day: The Theme to the Poor Man’s Gilligan’s Island

No one thinks Gilligan’s Island was a brilliant television show, so it may come as a surprise that it has a sister show called It’s About Time. Sherwood Schwartz created and produced both shows. The two shows also share similar fish out of water scenarios and expository theme songs. However, It’s About Time lasted only 26 episodes and was soon forgotten because it was repetitive and hard to watch, whereas Gilligan went on to become iconic. Instead of explaining the premise of It’s About Time, since it is all right their in the show’s lyrics, I’ll just let you have a listen.

The lyrics are after the jump.

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Theme Songs with Forgotten Lyrics

Classic television themes are instantly recognizable. If a theme words, you can sing them. If it doesn’t, you can hum it. However, some classic themes have words that only hardcore fans are aware exist. Others theme songs have words that I swear exist solely to be put on lists like this one. Either way, the lyrics do not actually enhance most of the songs and are better off as answers to obscure trivia questions.

8. Hogan’s Heroes

The “Hogan’s Heroes March” never needed lyrics. The song perfectly fits Hogan’s Heroes without it. While the lyrics don’t totally kill the song, since they are sung by Robert Clary (Lebeau), Richard Dawson (Newkirk), Larry Hovis (Carter), and Ivan Dixon (Kinchloe), they don’t exactly add anything to the song and are quite ridiculous even by Hogan’s Heroes standards. Seriously, this song starts with “heroes, heroes, husky men of war”, goes on to use the word “ear-o’s”, and then has the singers praise themselves for being heroes. If the premise of Hogan’s Heroes didn’t doom the show from the start, these lyrics certainly would have. Thankfully, they were never intended for use on the show.

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