America’s Got Talent Semifinals: Round 2

The remaining semifinal acts on America’s Got Talent could not afford to simply have an average performance night on Tuesday. However, most of them did not stand out. It’s been a disappointing season for AGT, but one that paradoxically has led viewers to the most exciting final round in the show’s history. The best talent came from the first semifinal round, some of whom did not deserve to be eliminated. Even so, there are a few acts from Tuesday’s show that deserve a spot in the finals.

All That!
All That! has narrowly escaped elimination twice, but they are out of luck this time. Strangely enough, Tuesday’s performance  might have been their best. That being said, the performance was still enjoyable. It was nice to see the clogging group take a risk by including solos and incorporating fire into their act. However, All That! just isn’t good enough for Vegas.

Sebastien “El Charro de Oro”
Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” has been in the competition for far too long. He is a decent singer, but not great. His main draw is that he is charming and mature. His talent is not exactly common, but it’s still average. Sebastien’s mariachi performances have never been something that is worthy of national attention. His time in the competition is over.

The Magic of Puck
The judges were saying that The Magic of Puck needed to make his illusions bigger and more exciting. Puck did that, but he still does not have much to offer. His act consisted of a lot of levitation and sleight of hand. While it was not possible to see how the trick was done, it still wasn’t fun to watch. The Magic of Puck got lucky in the YouTube round after being surrounded by acts that never deserved to see the light of day. This time, he couldn’t afford to be the same average magic act. Puck is out.

Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots
Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots is an act that gets old fast. Regardless of how many different stunts his parrots can do, a parrot performing tricks is still boring. Caravahlo can’t compete with the other finalists.

Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams needs practice. At 23, he has enormous potential, but his skills are still raw. His awkward persona works for him, but as Howard said, Tuesday performance was filled with genuine nerves. He has a future in comedy and should keep performing, but he wasn’t ready to win America’s Got Talent.

Shanice and Maurice Hayes

Shanice and Maurice Hayes are fairly talented singers, but they are not, by any means, exceptional. Shanice is clearly a better singer than her father, who seems to be holding her back from her future as a solo artist. However, neither of them have enough talent to win the competition. The best acts of the season are not singers. The Hayes duo is reasonably talented, but that isn’t good enough at this point.

All Wheel Sports

All Wheel Sports did an exciting aerial variety act that the show had not seen before this season. Unfortunately, their act is very similar each time America sees them. It’s a chaotic cross between BMX, trampolining, and dance that is very hard to follow. It doesn’t translate well on television and would not work well in Vegas.

Tim Hockenberry
Tim Hockenberry should have been discovered a long time ago. He is a very talented singer who has the ability to make completely original arrangements. The problem is that Tuesday’s performance wasn’t his best. In order to advance to the finals, contestants need to be at the top of their game. Hockenberry’s rendition of “Imagine” was good. On another night, he probably would have advanced. However, Hockenberry can do much better. As it is, he won’t have a spot in the finals.

The Untouchables
The main attraction for The Untouchables is their youth. However, their youth doesn’t make their dancing exceptional. It’s well choreographed and full of passion, but there is no way that The Untouchables would be receiving this much praise from the judges if they were not kids. Their performance was probably one of the best of the night, but they got lucky.

Olate Dogs

Olate Dogs is the best animal act that AGT has ever seen. Ordinarily, animal acts do not perform well on the show. However, Olate Dogs know how to keep a crowd interested. It’s incredibly unique and exciting to see a dog ride a scooter. Also, gymnastic tricks are impressive enough when humans do them, but it is especially amazing when Olate Dogs perform them. They will be in the finals.

Lightwire Theater
Lightwire Theater has potential that they did not show on Tuesday night. In the past, their performances were fast paced and mesmerizing. This time, Lightwire Theater basically performed an action fight scene. It wasn’t nearly as good as their upbeat dance performances. Given the stakes of Tuesday’s performance, Lightwire Theater is out of the competition.

David Garibaldi And His CMYK’s
David Garibaldi And His CMYK’s have an act that is extremely unique and perfect for the AGT stage. Garibaldi has a crazy approach to painting, but it works. Not only is his art technically polished, but the group incorporates dance and music. One drawback is that it takes a while for Garibaldi to reveal his painting, but the payoff is worth it. However, as Howard said, they need to speed up. They will get the chance in the finals.

Who Will Go Through?
The results this week are a slightly easier decision than they were last week. That being said, the finals will be the most exciting in the history of the show. The Untouchables, Olate Dogs, and David Garibaldi And His CMYK’s will advance.

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  1. I have to agree with your recap of the show on who did well and who didn’t. The Untouchables really stood out to me on this episode and really throughout the entire season. They are well-balanced, full of energy, and brimming up to here with talent.

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